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Warhammer 40K Chaos Gate Daemonhunters

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate  Daemonhunters comes to Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Imagine stepping into a universe where the stakes are high, and the battles are fierce. Daemonhunters is a game that transports you into a world where you are the commander of the Grey Knights, an elite group of Space Marines. Your task is a daunting one: to cleanse a galaxy-wide infection known as ‘the Bloom‘ that’s wreaking havoc across the Tyrtaeus sector. This game is not just about fighting; it’s about strategy, skill, and the will to win.

Warhammer 40K

  • Purge the forces of chaos in brutal turn-based combat
  • Combat Nurgle’s sinister plot in an epic campaign penned by legendary Warhammer 40,000 and Black Library author Aaron Dembski-Bowden
  • Shape your own elite squad of Grey Knights; tailor their abilities, equipment and even their appearances as you clash with the daemonic

As the leader of the Grey Knights, you are equipped with the most advanced armor, weapons, and psychic abilities. The core of the game lies in its turn-based tactical combat system, where every move you make can turn the tide of battle. You’ll need to master precision strikes, stuns, and executions to defeat your enemies. The key to victory is strategic thinking, as you must carefully consider your positioning and make the most of cover on the battlefield.

The challenges you’ll face are immense. You’ll go up against terrifying bosses, including the Reapers of the Bloom and Mortarion, the Death Lord himself. These encounters will test your strategic acumen to its limits and require you to adapt your tactics on the fly. The enemies you encounter will evolve, gaining new abilities from the Bloom, ensuring that no two battles are ever the same.

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Chaos Gate Daemonhunters

Grey Knights

Customization is a significant aspect of Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. You can personalize your Grey Knights, choosing their gear and appearance to fit your strategic style. The psychic powers at your disposal are a formidable force, drawing on Willpower to unleash devastating attacks. These powers can be enhanced through research and development, giving you an edge in combat.

“As Force Commander, you can customise each battle-brother to your liking, tweaking crests, skin colour, hair colour, armour pieces and more. Grey Knights arrive trained as a particular class, starting with the Justicar, Interceptor, Apothecary and Purgator. An additional set of four advanced classes unlock throughout the campaign. As your Grey Knights gain experience, you will be able to further shape their training to suit your style on the battlefield, sharpening their skills until they become the ultimate weapon against the darkness.”

Baleful Edict

The game extends beyond the battlefield, as you must also manage your Strike Cruiser, the Baleful Edict. Your decisions here are just as important as those made in combat. Containing the spread of the Bloom and making strategic choices will shape the outcome of your campaign. The game’s dynamic environments, affected by the Bloom, will change the terrain, presenting new obstacles and dangers to navigate.

Your Strike Cruiser serves as your headquarters for repairs, upgrades, and acquiring new equipment. Keeping your knights’ abilities up to date is crucial to stay ahead of the evolving threat. The game rewards your efforts with points and resources, encouraging you to face challenges head-on and prove your dedication to the chapter.

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“The Baleful Edict acts as your command centre, where you’ll find key areas in need of your attention. The Manufactorum lets players first repair and later upgrade their vessel, enhancing its response capabilities significantly. In the Armoury, Grand Master Vardan Kai offers equipment requisition to boost the war effort. Finally, in the Libris Malleus, Inquisitor Vakir will enhance the Grey Knights’ combat abilities and unlock tide-turning psychic abilities called Stratagems.”

Beware the Warp

Another element that adds depth to the game is the Warp Surges. These are random events that can have a significant impact on your missions. The surges are linked to the corruption of the map and the choices you make, adding an extra layer of strategy to your planning.

“Warp Surges are unpredictable combat mission events that can call in new enemy reinforcements, activate powerful mutations, and introduce unpredictable effects and hazards onto the battlefield, upping the challenge. The more corrupt the map, the more likely a Warp Surge event will occur, but enemy actions and Grey Knight abilities can further influence Warp Surges as well.”

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters is available on PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. The game offers a chance to connect with other players, share your victories on social media, and join a community of commanders who are as passionate about strategy and combat as you are.

This game promises an engaging tactical experience, blending intense turn-based combat with strategic resource management. With a variety of customization options, psychic powers, and ever-changing battlefields, it’s an exciting addition to the Warhammer 40K series. As you prepare your Grey Knights for battle and manage your resources, your ultimate goal remains clear: to eliminate the Bloom from the Tyrtaeus sector and restore order to the galaxy. Check out the starter guide over on the Xbox website.

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