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Vivian Lynn Obituary, A Legacy of Love and Faith

Vivian Lynn passed away peacefully at age 89 on March 10, 1934 after an amazing life that taught faith, family and unconditional love to East Chicago communities across Indiana and Illinois. We reflect upon her legacy today by exploring what made Vivian such an extraordinary individual, her spirit continuing to inspire those she left behind.

Who Was Vivian Lynn?

Vivian (Rollins) Lynn was an inspiring example of compassion, wisdom and generosity. Born to Charles and Florida Rollins of East Chicago, Indiana in 1943; as one of five siblings that survived Charles (the elder), Alfred, Florence Shirley and Ledora Yocum’s death marked by profound relationships she fostered over her lifetime – Vivian was remembered fondly in East Chicago after both had passed on – Vivian maintained life-long ties that kept her connected both physically and spiritually throughout her years – drawing comfort from closeness rather than sorrow from those lost along the way.

What Defined Vivian’s Life?

At the center of Vivian’s existence was her unfaltering faith in God; not only was this unwavering faith an anchor for herself and those closest to her but it provided hope and inspiration for everyone around her. Her devotion was evident as an evangelist within her church community where she served as mother figure – often weaving teachings from Scripture into everyday lessons which made her known affectionately by those she supported as Momma, Grandma, Granny Aunt Viv and Mother Lynn

How Did Vivian Impact Her Family? Vivian left her legacy most strongly felt amongst her immediate family members. Survived by Johnny F. Lynn – their marriage lasted 64 years! – and their seven children, Vivian was at the core of an expansive and loving clan that extended far beyond blood relatives. As matriarch, her role extended far beyond biological relations to embrace, teach, and foster her nine grandchildren and 26 great-grandchildren as well as nieces, nephews and countless spiritual sons/daughters/daughters/sons and daughters as much as humanly possible!

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What Was Vivian’s Impact in Her Community?

Vivian made an indelible mark upon her community through acts of kindness, advice-giving, and unconditional loving relationships with everyone around her. Her home provided sanctuary where laughter, joy and warmth of her presence could always be found; through her actions Vivian showed herself to be an outstanding example of being an exceptional Christian woman – touching lives wherever she went.

Will Vivian Lynn Be Remembered?

Vivian Lynn leaves behind an extraordinary legacy. Her life was an example in living one’s beliefs and offering kindness and support for everyone around them, including family. At Reed’s Temple Church of God she will be honored in an official Homegoing Service; during which, memories of Vivian will certainly continue to live on.

Vivian Lynn’s story of life well lived isn’t only one of loss; rather it should serve as a call to embrace her values – faith, family and the power of love to transform lives – by carrying forward her legacy of kindness, unwavering faith and inclusive spirit – so her light still illuminates in all those she touched.

Vivian may no longer be with us physically, yet her legacy lives on through love, faith, and generosity that continues to guide and influence future generations. By honoring her memory we remember the beauty of living a life dedicated to service for others as we reflect upon its impactful results and love filled heart.


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