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Top Best Sock Gifts Worth Going For With Let’s Do Good

Are you the type that loves buying socks? If yes, have you ever considered taking advantage of your love for buying new socks to address today’s social issues? By joining hands with Let’s Do Good today, you can both embark on a social mission together with socks. This involves paying for a sock subscription, an important plan that allows Let’s Do Good to make more socks for the homeless.

  • Why should you buy socks to address social issues?
  • What exactly is a sock subscription and how does it work?
  • What are the top socks worth buying with Let’s Do Good’s subscription? 

Read on to find all you should know about these social mission-related questions.

Why should you buy socks to address social issues?

Today, homelessness is one of the many social issues well meaning people need to find ways to address. The issue of being homeless is triggered by complex factors, lack of social support, mental health problems, lack of money, and economic inequality. To create a lasting solution to address this social issue, individuals need to play their parts.

As someone who loves to buy socks, you can be impactful to the homeless with your love for socks. One way to do this is through sock subscription – this involves supporting organizations that only focus on doing social missions that addresses the major challenges faced by the homeless. One such organization worth working with today is Let’s Do Good.

Today, one problem the majority of the homeless experience is lack of dry and clean socks. Although this problem may seem insignificant to you, it certainly affects the homeless – in terms of their physical and mental health.

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Lack of dry and clean socks affects the homeless because it mostly leads to various foot health conditions, such as blisters, calluses, athlete’s foot, ringworm, and toenail fungus. Psychologically, lack of socks or hood functioning socks can lower a person’s self-esteem.  Imagine having to wear one pair of socks for many days with no hope of changing it. It’s hard for such people to feel normalcy.

Here’s why buying socks from Let’s Do Good can help address social issues:

  • As you purchase a pair of socks through sock subscription, Let’s Do Go will donate socks to those in need.
  • Sock gift helps to address the physical and mental health issues associated with not having clean and dry socks to wear.
  • Giving out socks to the homeless will help these individuals keep their feet as clean as possible. By changing their socks to new and clean ones regularly, you’ll be helping them avoid various health conditions, which we already mentioned above. 
  • The ability to change into new, clean socks also help the homeless to have a sense of normalcy. This will certainly boost their self-esteem.

The bottom line is that buying the best pair of socks from social organizations, such as Let’s do Good can help you address certain issues faced by the homeless.

Here’s how to address social issues by purchasing socks

As earlier mentioned, you can address certain social issues with homelessness by buying socks from social organizations, such as Let’s do Good. To do this, you need to enroll in the organization’s sock subscription.

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With this subscription plan, you’ll be able to buy a pair of socks every month. Interestingly, as you purchase a pair of socks, you automatically support Let’s Do Good to donate socks to the homeless.

The good thing about the socks you’re purchasing is that they are designed by outsider artists with a story to tell.

  1. For instance, a sock subscription will allow you to get a pair of Mieke Van Der Weehe socks. Mieke is an outsider artist with a real story to tell.
  1. You can also buy Christophe Turnhout’s pair of socks, another outsider artist in the Collective De Facktorij. Christophe has a real story to tell with his socks and you can support through the sock subscription

You can visit Let’s Do Good socks collection to find other stories worth supporting today.


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