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Tonic Worldwide launches ‘Craft’, a not-for-profit community platform recognising craft – togetherbe

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Digital-first creative agency, Tonic Worldwide, has launched ‘Craft’ – a community platform that recognises the relevance of craft, celebrates creative work and helps budding talent with the resources to succeed.


In an era marked by relentless technological advancements the creative industry finds itself increasingly detached from their craft. The leadership at Tonic Worldwide found the need for an industry wide initiative – a first-of-it’s-kind platform that unites creatives from advertising, filmmaking, branding, product design, animation, visual FX, web design and other commercial creative mediums to share knowledge and collaborate to keep the crafts alive.

The platform is anchored by three main pillars:
– Spotlight: This segment showcases case studies across advertising, branding, product design, filmmaking, animation, visual FX, web design and other creative mediums. The idea is to question creativity and its subsequent creations in turn creating knowledge hubs and pools for talent to upskill and excel.
– Stage: Get access to learn from the best in the industry through masterclasses, round tables and quick tutorials, which empower creatives with the resources to succeed. Experts dissect their craft for budding and professional creatives to absorb and adopt.
– Studio: The platform organizes workshops, designathons, writer retreats, filmmaking sessions, hackathons, and other events which serve as incubators for creativity, enabling participants to bring their ideas to life while providing brands and communities with fresh, innovative perspectives.

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Chetan Asher (pictured right), Founder & CEO, Tonic Worldwide, said: “The technological advancements have been rapidly changing the way we perceive craft. Here is a platform where craftswomen and men come together to focus on the basics, learn from each other’s process and collaborate with the ecosystem that includes advertising, marketing, communication and other commercial creative mediums”.

Head of Craft & Chief Curator Ashwin Dutt Ponamgi (pictured left), added: “A craftsperson lives for the process, and not just the outcome. If you notice, there are many innovative and groundbreaking pieces of work that go unnoticed. It has become increasingly important to create a community that shares the love for their craft, celebrates various art forms and sustains old techniques. We aim at lauding good work, engaging creatives in community events, and imparting knowledge through curated workshops.”

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