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TinkerRTK open source GPS offers centimetre level accuracy

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In the realm of GPS technology, precision is paramount. The TinkerRTK, an open-source GPS modular system, is a game-changer in this field, offering centimeter-level RTK GPS precision. This innovative system will soon be available to purchase via Crowd Supply  and is designed to cater to a wide range of projects, providing a flexible and customizable solution for high-accuracy outdoor positioning.

At the heart of the TinkerRTK GPS system is the TinkerNav baseboard. This board is equipped with two sets of headers, allowing for the addition of various options to best suit a project’s needs. These options include Wi-Fi, cellular modem, or LoRa radios.

The TinkerNav board is powered by a SkyTraq receiver, which is responsible for the system’s centimeter-level position accuracy. The board also includes a RP2040 Micro-processor Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor, 2MB of on-board flash memory, and a Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n protocol. This combination of features ensures that the TinkerNav baseboard is not only highly accurate but also versatile and adaptable.

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The TinkerRTK system’s high accuracy is achieved through the use of Real Time Kinetic (RTK) GPS. This technology allows for 1 centimeter level accuracy, making the TinkerRTK system suitable for projects that require highly precise outdoor positioning. Whether it’s for scientific research, surveying, or autonomous vehicles, the TinkerRTK system can provide the level of accuracy needed.

Data transmission is a critical aspect of any GPS system. The TinkerRTK system offers two solutions for this: TinkerSend LoRa and TinkerSend Mobile. TinkerSend LoRa enables the sending and receiving of correction data directly between a base station and a rover over long distances. This feature is particularly useful in remote areas where internet connectivity may be limited. On the other hand, TinkerSend Mobile is a 4G mobile solution that allows for the downloading of RTCM correction data from the internet. This feature ensures that the TinkerRTK system can function effectively in areas with good internet coverage.

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Powering the TinkerRTK system is the TinkerCharge board. This board allows the RTK project to run on a lithium-ion battery, providing a portable power solution. The TinkerCharge board includes a BQ24074RGTT charger and a MAX17055ETB+T battery fuel gauge, ensuring that the system can operate efficiently and reliably.

Finally, the TinkerRTK system includes a TFT SPI Touch Screen and board. This feature adds a local display to the system, allowing for easy monitoring and control. The screen is a 3.2 inch SPI driven TFT LCD color touch screen with an ILI9341 driver, providing a clear and responsive interface.

The TinkerRTK system is a comprehensive modular open source GPS solution for projects requiring high-accuracy GPS. Its modular design allows for customization and flexibility, while its use of RTK GPS ensures centimeter-level precision. Whether it’s for data transmission, power management, or user interface, the TinkerRTK system has a solution. This open-source system is a testament to the potential of technology to provide precise and reliable solutions for a wide range of applications.

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