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TikTok could step on Instagram’s toes and launch a dedicated photo-sharing app

Ever since TikTok hit the market, it’s been digging deeper and deeper into Instagram’s user base. Because of this, Instagram has been putting much more energy and effort into a video. Well, in an extremely ironic move, it appears that TikTok is looking to make its own photo-sharing app, much to Instagram’s dismay.

You’re definitely going to want to take this news with a grain of salt. This news was discovered via an APK deep-dive into the latest version of the TikTok app. So, there is not a 100% guarantee that this is going to happen. Be sure to stay tuned to Android Headlines for more information on this developing story.

TikTok could be working on its own photo-sharing app

TikTok is synonymous with video content creation, having popularized the vertically scrolling video feed several years ago. Now, it’s one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the entire world. So it seems a bit odd that the company wants to focus on photography. Even Instagram, the company that popularized mobile photography, made a hard pivot to video content because of TikTok.

However, as discovered by the SPAndroid, version 33.8.4 of the TikTok app has hints alluding to an app called TikTok Photos. For starters, there are strings in the code that hint at certain text prompts you’ll see pertaining to TikTok Photos. These include the text “Share this post to TikTok Photos,” “Open TikTok Photos,” and “Reach other like-minded people who enjoy photo posts.” So, this is most likely the text you’ll see when interacting with TikTok videos.

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Next, there could be a photo syncing option. TikTok already allows you to share photos via animated slideshows. However, it looks like TikTok is planning to allow you to sync those photos with the TikTok Photos app. So, when you post photos to TikTok proper, they will also show up on your TikTok Photos feed.

Last but not least, within the TikTok code, She SPAndroid found what could possibly be the icon for this app. It looks like a rectangular sheet of paper folding in on itself. This creates the illusion of the letter “P.” Also, this icon will share the same color scheme as The TikTok proper icon.

Whether or not TikTok launches this new app remains to be seen. However, given what we’ve seen so far, it seems rather likely. It might have some hurdles, as TikTok could be banned in the US soon.

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