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Things to Look out to Identify the best LED Sign Lighting Retrofit Manufacturer for your Business

LED Signboards or signage have become widely popular in recent years. It is becoming a top choice for many business firms, and individuals who are renovating their existing setup or are initiating a new one. A major reason behind this transition is the numerous benefits of LED lights, including energy and cost-saving benefits. LED Sign Lighting Retrofit Manufacturers are in demand nowadays, and people are hunting for genuine and reliable manufacturers to install the system. 


Many business owners are opting to change their non-LED sign boards to LED sign boards. To commence it, they have to replace the existing artificial lights within the sign cabinet with an LED light. You can also use an LED retrofit lamp or tube to convert a non-LED sign board to an LED Sign board. This whole procedure is called LED RETROFITTING.

At SignLight LED, we furnish high-quality LED for your project. We offer the latest LED lighting retrofit services to our customers. Although there are plenty of LED sign-lighting retrofit manufacturers available in the market, we stand out from the crowd for several reasons.

We have become a trustworthy LED Sign Lighting Retrofit Manufacturer because of our:


First is our innovative technology. We are the trendsetter in LED Sign Lighting Retrofit services. LED lighting retrofits are very demanding. We get frequent requests from our customers, and the reason is simple. We have been a proven leader in the sign industry for many years. We are the forerunner of converting existing sign lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting. This saves the expense of any organization and promotes growth and development.  

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Secondly, we made significant changes and proved the benefits of LED lights over neon or fluorescent lights. Led light fixtures consume less energy than their fluorescent counterparts. It saves more than 76% of energy. 

In addition, LED Light fixtures are also long-lasting which reduces the maintenance burden. It saves maintenance costs as well.


LED lights are bright and attractive. It is eye-catching and can easily entice passersby to catch a glimpse of it. We are one of the premium brands that offer top-notch LED Retrofit kits to illuminate sign boards. Our customers, along with Sign installation companies, rely on us because of our easy installation and offer a myriad of benefits that none of their contemporaries can offer.


SignLights LED is a pioneer in LED Sign Lighting Retrofit Manufacturer our LED Retrofit Solution diminishes the need for extra wiring and accessories, which further makes the entire task lucid and fast for the technicians. Traditional sign retrofitting jobs were time-consuming, costly and tiring. But with the invention of the SignLights Retrofit system, their products lessened the requirement for extra wiring and minimized downtime and inventory. 


Our innovative brackets make our tubes convenient for different uses and applications. It also fits comfortably in new and existing cabinets, menu boards and others. 


People switch to LED Sign Retrofit Lamps to smoothen the process of installation. They want tubes or lamps that can be installed easily. 

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While, on the other hand, some are also hesitant to do so. This is because the LED lamps and tubes consume a lot of time and energy for the technicians to complete the retrofitting process. Some other reasons for not changing to a retrofitting system are the cost of LED retrofitting, the skill required and others.


As a leading LED Sign Lighting Retrofit Manufacturer, we are committed to resolving many issues and doubts that our customers face. We try to fix their problems as early as possible. One common issue is that many customers are ambiguous about installing LED retrofit lamps or tubes because of the expense. In such a situation, we suggest purchasing a retrofit lamp or tube that can be installed easily.

Although many companies manufacture retrofit lamps and tubes that have an easy installation process, SignLights LED ensures their customers quality products along with a rapid and smooth installation process.


To identify the Best Sign Light Retrofit Manufacturer, one must look at the following factors:


  •         Quality of goods
  •         Smooth and Rapid installation procedure
  •         Energy and cost-efficient LED sign lights.
  •         Less maintenance hassle and cost.
  •         Long life span 
  •         Environment friendly 

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