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The Top 6 Swimwear Mistakes Every Woman Needs to Know


At the end of every summer, most women gather a collection of mental notes and hindsight revelations on their swimsuit choices and what they would like to do differently next year, only for all of it to be forgotten by the time beach season rolls around again. 

If you happen to be a member of this club, let this year be the one where you finally break the cycle and learn how to wear and shop for swimwear in the UAE that makes you look and feel your best.

6 Swimsuit Mistakes You to Avoid

When shopping for swimwear or deciding on a beach look, many women tend to make for the following mistakes:

1. Wearing One Suit for All Occasions

For every activity, there’s a type of swimsuit that’s more suitable than the rest. Suppose you want to do a few laps in the pool, go paddle boarding or take surfing lessons at the beach. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable in sport-style swimwear specifically designed for this? Sporty swimsuits dry fast, reduce friction in the water and give you more flexibility as you move. 

Alternatively, when all you want is to look fabulous as you lounge in the sun or take a quick dip in the sea, then bikinis, tie-ups or strapless styles are a better fit. 

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2. Ignoring Bust Size

When shopping for swimwear, you’ll want to choose a top that properly supports and complements your bust size. For ladies with large breasts, suits with straps that cross over the back or those bra-like ones with wide straps on both shoulders would be the best choice. 

On the other hand, small-chested women will find that bandeau, high-neck or triangle tops with thin straps are more flattering for their body type. 

3. Choosing the Same Style Every Year

Swimwear follows fashion trends, same as summer dresses, accessories and shoes. Brands are always coming up with new designs, silhouettes, prints and colours, so why limit yourself to the same style every year? Take a leap and try something new; you might be surprised at how good it looks on you

And you don’t have to do a complete 180, either. Start with something simple that’s not too far out of your comfort zone, and work your way up.

For instance, if you’re a hard-core bikini fan, try switching from a classic two-strap to a one-shoulder top. Say, you are a one-piece type of girl. In that case, you can try one with side cutouts or an asymmetrical neckline. 

4. Buying a Set in the Same Size

Another common mistake some women make when shopping for swimwear, particularly a two-piece, is getting a set in the same size. Every body type is different, so more often than not, you’d buy a matching size top and bottom, only to find that one half fits better than the other. 

For this reason, opt for separates whenever possible so long as they’re the right fit for your body.

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5. Overlooking Body Shape

Had there been just one design for all body types, all women’s shopping woes would finally be over. Alas, dear ladies, this isn’t the case. That’s why, to find the best swimsuit that accentuates your figure and boosts your confidence, you need to consider your body shape

Do you have an hourglass figure? Look for high-waisted bottoms that highlight your slim waist and curves. For pear-shaped bodies, choose high-cut bottoms to elongate your legs and show off your hips. Apple-shaped ladies can opt for tankini tops paired with high-waisted bottoms to tone and complement their figure. 

With all that said, remember that these are just general guidelines and not ironclad rules on what you can or cannot wear. At the end of the day, the perfect swimsuit is the one that makes you feel most comfortable, confident and beautiful in your own skin whenever you put it on.

6. Not Trying On the Suit

Just because you’ve tried on a swimsuit size or style before and it looked great on you doesn’t mean this will be the case across all brands. Between the choice of fabrics, print patterns, and cuts, every label has its own interpretation of sizes and styles. 

So, if you’re in a physical store, it’s always best to try on the swimsuit before you buy it

If you’re shopping online and already know your measurements, take a look at their size chart and compare it to your own to spare yourself from return and exchange hassles. 

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Find Your Perfect Fit

With summer a few months away, there’s no time like the present to rethink your swimwear choices and shop smarter for your next beach getaway. 

Remember the above tips, dare to experiment with new styles and designs, and own your look with absolute confidence. 


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