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The Scott Calorie Absorber Pro transforms a kitchen essential into a health solution – togetherbe

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Ogilvy Malaysia has launched “The Calorie Absorber Pro” for Kimberly Clark’s Scott Kitchen Towel.


Malaysia is celebrated for its rich and diverse culinary heritage, yet it grapples with a concerning reality – being ranked as the most obese country in Southeast Asia according to the World Obesity Atlas 2023. In a landscape inundated with dietary supplements promising miraculous results, Ogilvy Malaysia identified an opportunity to define a new path to wellness.

Ogilvy Malaysia decided to reshape consumer perceptions of the humble kitchen towel by repackaging it as a vital health supplement – The Calorie Absorber Pro. A product devoid of preservatives and artificial flavours, and can absorb up to 127 calories per sheet!

They partnered with Muscle Mania for a strategic retail activation. The launch campaign highlights the innovative features of The Calorie Absorber Pro and demonstrates its use. Leveraging the influence of fitness personalities, the campaign showcases real-life testimonials, illustrating how individuals seamlessly integrate The Calorie Absorber Pro into their fitness regimen.

By positioning Kimberly Clark’s Scott Calorie Absorb Pro Kitchen Towel as a necessary ‘supplement’ in the pursuit of health and wellness, Ogilvy Malaysia aims to challenge the industry marketing norms and form a deeper emotional connection with consumers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ogilvy Malaysia on this truly innovative campaign. The Calorie Absorber Pro campaign not only underscores the innovative capabilities of our product but also aligns with our commitment to promoting healthier lifestyles in Malaysia and beyond,” said Martin Soong, Marketing Manager, Kimberly Clark.

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“At Ogilvy, we thrive on transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. The Calorie Absorber Pro campaign exemplifies our dedication to innovation and purpose-driven marketing. By reimagining Kimberly Clark’s Scott Calorie Absorb Kitchen Towel as a health supplement, we’ve demonstrated the power of perspective in reshaping consumer perceptions”, said Jaz Lee, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy Malaysia.


Creative Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Adrian Miller
Executive Creative Director: Jaz Lee
Creative Director: Wendy Chiu
Senior Art Director: Lim Chia Wei
Art Director: Jing Han Liew
Junior Copywriter: Rudy Tan
Group Account Director: Coco Carreon
Senior Account Manager: Lilyan Chee
Strategy Director: Sarthak Ranka
AV Producer: SengTuck Loo
Production House: Directors Think Tank
Executive Producer: Pat Singh
Film Director: Aiman Aliff
Producer: Benedict Lazaroo
DOP: Kelvin Soo
Art Department: Jesjin & Devan
Production Interns: Sya & Mashi
Equipment: TankQuip
Offline Editor: Kim
Online: Tank3
Audio: Tank Music
Animation House: SEQ
CG Animation & Motion Graphics: Boey Chuew Wai
3D Modeling & Blocking: Vkhoon Tee
Animator Director: Albert Chew

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