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The method of converting and downloading videos into our devices

Do you know why we use Youtube videos to MP4 converters? Sick of buffering and slow internet disrupting your YouTube viewing? Want to watch favorite videos anytime, anywhere, without worrying about connectivity? Good news! This article explores downloading and converting YouTube to MP4 so you can enjoy videos offline, on any device. Let’s dive in and unlock the magic of buffer-free YouTube enjoyment!

Why bother with YouTube Videos to MP4 conversion?

  • Smaller File Sizes – MP4 compression significantly reduces file sizes compared to AVI, WMV, MOV. Saves storage space and enables easy sharing.
  • Faster Streaming and Playback – Optimized compression enables quick loading and buffering. Enables smooth, stutter-free playback even on slow networks.
  • Enhanced Compatibility – As an open standard, MP4 works on any media player, browser, mobile, console or TV. Ensures wide compatibility for converted YouTube videos.
  • Customization Options – Can adjust bitrate, resolution, settings, frame rate for optimal quality and size.
  • Avoid missing videos – Downloading YouTube videos as MP4 files prevents losing access if the video is removed from YouTube or becomes private. The MP4 will remain available on your device.
  • Ownership – Converting to MP4 allows you to have a copy of the video stored locally rather than relying on access via YouTube’s platform. The MP4 files are yours to keep.

The 8 Best YouTube to MP4 Tools 

Now let’s see some of the choices:


  • Features: Can download a lot of videos, playlists, channels, subtitles and comments from YouTube, Facebook, and many other sites. Offers MP3 audio extraction.
  • Pros: Fast download speeds. Intuitive interface is easy to navigate. Can download entire YouTube playlists and channels in bulk. Good customer support.
  • Cons: The free version shows ads and limits downloads to 24 videos per playlist. Some users report bugs or issues downloading certain videos.



  • Features: SaveFrom is a free YouTube to MP4 converter designed for Windows. You can paste YouTube links or search for videos to download. 
  • Pros:It grabs both video and audio, so you can convert to MP4 after downloading, and the software is open-source. SaveFrom only shows minimal ads on the site.
  • Cons: The maximum resolution is 1080p so no 4K or higher MP4 downloads. SaveFrom cannot convert or download full YouTube playlists or channels in bulk.
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  • Features: aConvert is an online converter tool that can save YouTube videos as MP4 files up to 4K quality and also extract MP3 audio.
  • Pros: No account is required to use aConvert and it has a simple and clean interface that is easy to navigate. It is good for fast one-off conversions of single YouTube video links.
  • Cons: The features are more limited compared to desktop converter apps. aConvert lacks the ability to download full playlists or channels from YouTube in bulk.


  • Features: Freemake is a free Windows program that can download videos from many  sites. This program is also compatible with 1000+ sites beyond just YouTube.
  • Pros: This program converts very quickly when downloading MP4 format from YouTube. There are preset profiles optimized for different mobile devices. Freemake can also extract and convert just the audio track from videos into MP3 format. 
  • Cons: However, the free version has ads and is limited in some features such as 4K resolution conversion. Some functions like DVD burning require paid upgrades to unlock.

5.Any Video Converter

  • Features: Any Video Converter by Anvsoft is a desktop program with a YouTube to MP3 converter alongside many other features. It provides reliable downloads and flexible MP3 settings. 
  • Pros:The software is completely free but does include ads and optional extra installs. Any Video Converter can download videos from many websites including YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.
  • Cons: The basic interface lacks some advanced options and customization settings compared to premium converters. The free version shows ads that some users complain about.


  • Features: VideoProc is a premium, paid video converter designed for both Windows and Mac with a focus on very fast conversion speeds.
  • Pros: Videos converted with VideoProc maintain the original quality without compression artifacts or loss of resolution. The tool can also trim videos, trim or adjust audio files. 
  • Cons: Another disadvantage of VideoProc is that it does not have a free version. It also uses a subscription payment model which may not appeal to some users.
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  • Features: OnlineVideoConverter is a quick online tool that supports converting YouTube videos to MP4 format up to 4K resolution without needing an account.
  • Pros: It has a minimal interface that is very simple and easy to use for fast one-off video conversions. There are no software downloads required to start a YouTube to MP4 conversion.
  • Cons: The free version shows heavy ads promoting paid upgrades. It lacks more advanced options and customization settings compared to desktop converters.

8.WinX HD Video Converter

  • Features: WinX HD Video Converter is a free YouTube to MP4 desktop app made for Windows computers with no limits on usage or downloads.
  • Pros: It provides optimized presets specifically for downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format quickly in just one click.
  • Cons: The software only works on Windows, it does not apply to other systems.

Steps of Guide to Convert YouTube Videos to MP4

 Here are the typical steps:

  1. Select Conversion Software
    1. Try free options like Freemake or Any Video Converter.
    2. For advanced features, explore paid options like WonderFox, WinX, Xilisoft.
    3. Prioritize intuitive interfaces if new to converting.
  2. Download and Install Software
    1. Only download from official developer sites.
    2. Omit bundled software during install.
  3. Import Video Source
    1. Open program and input YouTube video URL.
    2. Imports source without downloading yet.
  4. Configure MP4 Settings
    1. Select MP4 as output format.
    2. Customize resolution, frame rate, audio quality.
  5. Start Conversion
    1. Click the convert button to download and encode to MP4.
  6. Save MP4 File
    1. Once complete, save the MP4 file to the desired folder.
    2. Can now use converted files offline.

Converting YouTube videos to MP4 format provides useful offline access. However, there are important legal and ethical considerations when downloading online videos that users should contemplate beforehand.

Fair Use Doctrine

Under the fair use doctrine, limited reproduction of copyrighted material for personal, non-commercial purposes may qualify as fair use. Downloading a YouTube video for private offline viewing often falls under fair use. However, fair use is determined case-by-case.

Distribution vs Personal Use

While downloading videos for personal offline use is generally deemed permissible, redistributing downloaded videos to others without permission typically violates copyright. Even sharing with friends on social media infringes rights holders’ exclusive distribution privileges.

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Safe Practices

To avoid legal risks, users should limit YouTube video downloads to content they have created themselves or that is released under Creative Commons licenses expressly permitting reuse. Downloading copyrighted videos solely for private personal use is lower risk but still legally questionable.

Avoid distributing or publicly sharing the converted MP4 files without permission. For personal offline viewing, most converters are safe to use. But beware of any tools that encourage mass downloads or redistribution of videos.

Tips for Quality MP4 Conversions

Follow these tips to get the best results when converting YouTube to MP4:

  • Choose the highest quality source video available, ideally 1080p or 4K if an option. This will result in better MP4 files.
  • Opt for H.264 or H.265 encoding which provides great quality at smaller file sizes.
  • Match the MP4 resolution and frame rate to the source for optimal viewing experience.
  • Use trusted, well-reviewed converters to avoid quality loss or conversion issues.

Enhance Your YouTube Videos with Speechify Voiceovers

To take your YouTube videos even further, consider adding voiceovers with Speechify. This text-to-speech tool lets you convert any text into natural sounding human-like speech. Just type a script, choose a voice, and Speechify will generate an audio track ready to overlay on your next video. The voiceovers bring your content to life while you can still appear on camera presenting.


A: Can I use converters on iOS devices?

A: Many online converters work on iPhones and iPads using the Safari browser. There are also app options like Documents by Readdle that integrate converters.

B: Is it safe and free to use these YouTube downloaders?

A: Most recommended converters are safe when used reasonably. Look out for shady sites with lots of ads or signed installers. The best tools are free for basic use.

C: Can I convert and download from other platforms too?

A: Yes, many converters support sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and DailyMotion. Just copy and paste the video URL to download.

Just be sure to follow ethical practices when downloading content


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