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The Galaxy Ring was spotted on Samsung’s battery widget

Samsung is working tirelessly to commercially launch its Galaxy Ring, a smart fitness ring. During the MWC event, Samsung showcased the ring and we rated it among the best of MWC 2024. As soon as the users spotted the ring at the tech event, the hype around its launch started to build up. And it seems like we are now heading towards the launch at a very fast pace. The upcoming gadget was reportedly spotted in Samsung’s battery widget section.

We’re not far away from the launch of the Galaxy Ring

Samsung first teased its Galaxy Ring during the launch of the Galaxy S24 series of devices. We got a closer look at it at the Mobile World Congress 2024 event. Samsung One UI’s battery widget section now includes the Galaxy Ring.

If you add the widget to the home screen of your Samsung device and then go to Settings, then you get an option to select numerous devices to show their current battery capacity. It includes devices like Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, and others. The Galaxy Ring is now there in the list.

Adding the Galaxy Ring to the widgets section further lights up our excitement. We don’t think the brand will add it for no literal use. The launch is surely very near. Maybe we’re just a few weeks or months away from it. This device could revolutionize how we look at rings.

Galaxy Ring battery widget

The Galaxy Ring won’t be just limited to the fitness tracking

The Galaxy Ring will be able to do a lot of tasks apart from normal health tracking and strong fitness data. It’s been said that the Galaxy Ring will support Samsung Food. The integration of Galaxy Ring and Samsung Food can act as a personal AI-based nutritionist for you. It will utilize the user data to recommend the best diet plan.

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Of course, this is not the end. It will also support multiple Samsung smart gadgets to make a complete ecosystem. As we are heading closer to the launch, we will get to learn a lot more about it. The brand has put a lot of research and innovation into this and we are excited to put this device to the test.

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