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The Best Google Pixel 8 Pro Cases: The Ultimate Guide

The Google Pixel 8 Pro is an aesthetically pleasing phone, especially in the Bay blue color. Although the Porcelain and Obsidian colors are also very attractive due to their matte finish on the back. However, the camera bar is still glossy, and in the Bay color, it has a mirror-like finish that can easily scratch.

It is recommended to use a protective case for your Google Pixel 8 Pro. To help you choose the best case, we have compiled a list of the top cases available in the market. Although some cases may not be available for purchase yet, we will continue to update the list throughout the year as more cases become available for purchase.

Best Clear Case

Ghostek Covert

The Ghostek Covert case is a premium-looking clear case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro. It’ll cost you just under $20, and it’s a pretty stunning case. I’m not actually a huge fan of clear cases, but this one has me rethinking that stance. It’s a great-looking case, especially on the Bay blue color Pixel 8 Pro.

The camera is one of the most important parts of any phone; it’s right up there with the display. And Ghostek knows this, so they have added a raised lip to protect the camera. Now the Pixel 8 Pro has that beautiful camera bar, that will get scratched up very easily, and I know this from experience. So, seeing this raised camera lens protector on the Ghostek Covert case is a welcome sight.

While we would never say it’s okay to drop your phone, the Ghostek Covert is able to protect your phone if you do drop it. It is rated for drops up to 8-feet. That means if you pull your phone out of your pocket and it falls, you’ll be covered. And that’s how most phone drops happen anyway.

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Best Leather Case

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Bellroy Leather Case

The Bellroy Leather case for the Pixel 8 Pro is pretty stunning. It’s a really good leather case that does patina quite nicely. It has a nice microfiber lining too. It comes in four colors: Slate Blue, Black, Terracotta, and Simply Taupe. The Slate Blue looks really good on the Bay color Pixel 8 Pro. This is a $55 case, which is pretty standard for leather cases across all smartphones.

Leather cases are pretty great to have on your phone. Sure they add some bulk, so if you’re someone that does not like that, well you won’t like this case. But they add plenty of grip and, of course, look great after a few weeks or a few months. This is because leather tends to patina over time. So the case will get a bit discolored, and get scratches and such, which adds to the aged look. I have one on my Pixel 8 Pro, but it hasn’t really started to patina yet. I can’t wait to see how good it looks in a few months though.

Bellroy has added a soft microfiber lining on this case, so that it won’t scratch up your Pixel 8 Pro when you are taking it on or off. It also has a good camera bar protector at the top. So you can put your phone down and not worry about scratching up the camera bar or the camera lenses. Which is a legitimate worry, in my opinion. Especially looking at the back of my Pixel 8 Pro currently.

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Best Wallet Case

61nbs1FgjOL AC SL1200

Spigen Slim Armor CS

Spigen is pretty well-known for making a ton of cases for every phone. But their Slim Armor CS is one of the more interesting cases on the market. This is a slim wallet case that is able to hold a couple of cards inside, but you’d never know it. That’s because the back slides off to reveal your cards. Now you can’t keep a whole lot of cards inside this case, but you can keep a few. Our recommendation would be, to keep any cards that don’t work in Google Pay, in this case.

The Spigen Slim Armor CS does come in two colors: black and rose gold. The Rose Gold option is really only Rose Gold for the wallet section, the rest of the case is still in black. Spigen is selling this case for $26.99, but there’s usually a sale or a coupon that you can clip on the page to get it for even less.

Wallet cases aren’t for everyone, but this one is rather unique. Most wallet cases are flip cases, and when you’re using the case, it always seems to be in the way. But with the Spigen Slim Armor CS, it’s never in the way. However, because of the design of this case, it does make it a bit thicker than most other cases would be. So that’s something else to keep in mind here.

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Best Unique Case

61239NS CzL AC SL1500

Mous Limitless 5.0 Walnut Case

This case from Mous is definitely stunning. It’s their Limitless 5.0 Walnut Case, which is $64.99. It’s quite pricey, but this is walnut they’re using here. So the price isn’t surprising. Mous does also offer this case in a few other finishes, including Bamboo, Black Leather, Carbon Fiber, Speckled Black Fabric and White Acetate. And all of these materials are priced the same.

Mous does make some rather unique cases for the Google Pixel 8 Pro, which is really interesting to see. Typically these cases like this are saved for the iPhone, because there’s a bigger group of people looking to buy a case. But we won’t complain about seeing these being made available for the Google Pixel 8 Pro and other Android phones.

One of the more impressive parts of this case is that it does have the MagSafe magnet built-in. While the Pixel 8 Pro does not actually support MagSafe, officially, there is enough a magnet in the back, that it can line up properly. And when you add in a magnet in the case like Mous has with the Limitless 5.0, it means those MagSafe accessories will now work here. Meaning my 5,000mAh MagSafe battery pack for my iPhone 15 Pro Max can now be used on the Pixel 8 Pro as well, which is a huge deal.

Mous also has raised edges for the camera bar and the screen, so that you can use your Pixel 8 Pro with confidence that you won’t be dropping it anywhere. This is especially important for the camera bar, given how easily it scratches. I’ve had mine for less than a month so far, and it’s already showing loads of scratches – and it’s been in a case most of the time.

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Best Minimalist Case

61eR1wDhmIL AC SL1500

Thinborne Aramid Fiber Case

Thinborne has an absolutely stunning Aramid Fiber case available for the Pixel 8 Pro. It’s also not all that expensive compared to some other Aramid Fiber Cases, coming in at $39.99 (for both Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro).

This case is made of 600D Aramid Fiber, which provides a stylish look for your Google Pixel 8 Pro, while also protecting it quite well. This is a super thin case, we’re looking at 0.03 inches thick. So it won’t add a lot of bulk to your Pixel 8 Pro, and it also won’t add drop protection unfortunately. Thinborne says that this is not designed for drop protection, and given my experience with these thin cases, I wouldn’t expect it to. With thin cases, there’s no room to add any cushions to help with drop protection like some other cases might have.

I was just recently turned onto Thinborne, and have just gotten a case for the Pixel 8 Pro, so far it’s really great. And better than some of the other Aramid Fiber cases out there. Not to mention the fact that this case is designed and made right here in the US. Thinborne is based in Frisco, Texas, and does also come with a six-month premium warranty. So if anything should happen to your new case, the company will take care of it.

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Best Thin Case

51Z2jublgbL AC SL1500

Totallee Thin Case

Totallee has been around for a minute, producing these ultra-thin cases for many phones, including the Pixel 8 Pro. This case is ultra-thin, we’re looking at just 0.02 inches thick. That means that it is going to add very little bulk to your new Google Pixel 8 Pro, and that is always great to see. Additionally, that means that it is not really going to add any protection to your Pixel 8 Pro, since there’s just not enough room in the case to take any bumps from being dropped. It also doesn’t have much of a lip over the screen to protect that nor the camera bar.

So why would someone buy the Totallee Thin Case? Well, for grip. Those that want to add some grip to their phone, because let’s face it, the Google Pixel 8 Pro is still pretty slippery even though it is a matte finished phone. And if you don’t want to add a lot of bulk to your phone, then a thin case like this will do the trick. I actually really do like it on my Pixel 8 Pro, as it does make it less slippery, without making the phone bigger and heavier.

Totallee offers its thin cases in a black color, or in a soft clear option. And it’s going to cost you $39.99.

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Best Unique Clear Case

71FbykcYgJL AC SL1500

Case-Mate Touch of Pearl

Case-Mate has an interesting looking clear case here, it’s their Touch of Pearl case, which has some bling and sparkle to it. This case is going to set you back $49.99. But it is definitely unique. Case-Mate offers it in a bunch of different unique styles, in addition to Touch of Pearl, we also have Sheer Crystal, Signature Clear, Tough Black, Tough Clear and Twinkle Ombre Disco. While not all of these are clear, they do offer up the same sort of features as the Touch of Pearl Clear case.

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With this case, Case-Mate is offering up 12-feet of drop protection. So this means that if your phone slips out of your hand while taking it out of your pocket, you’ll be covered. I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, that’s where about 90% of my drops happen. A drop that’s 12-feet is pretty significant, and I wouldn’t expect any phone to really survive that.

This is a very tight fitting case, so once you put it on, it might be pretty hard to take it off of the Pixel 8 Pro, unfortunately. But that’s also what you want, especially when talking about dropping your phone. The last thing you want is for your phone to fall out of the case during the fall, and not be protected. That’s the whole point of getting a case after all.

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Best Google Case

Pixel 8 Pro Cases

Google Case

Google is also offering some cases for the Pixel 8 Pro, including this one. It’s a soft-touch silicon case that actually is a big upgrade over last year’s model. This is going to cost you $34.99, and it comes in five colors: Bay, Coral, Mint, Porcelain and Charcoal. The Coral color can only be found at the Google Store.

This case is going to help safeguard your Pixel 8 Pro from any drops or scratches, and it also looks good while doing it. These do match the colors of the Pixel 8 Pro, so it’ll look like you have no case one, but you do. The inside has a nice soft microfiber lining which feels really nice and will keep your phone scratch-free.

I’ve actually been using the Bay colored case on my Bay Pixel 8 Pro since the day I was at the Pixel event, and absolutely love it. This allows me to still admire that stunning Bay color, while protecting my Pixel 8 Pro. And even though the Pixel 8 Pro does have a matte back this time around, it is still very slippery. And this case fixes that issue for me. It’s a bit more bulky than some other options on the market, but it’s still a very good case and worth picking up. Especially since Google does offer these in colors that match your Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

While these silicon cases are great, I do wish Google would bring back those fabric cases for the Pixel series. These went away after the Pixel 4, and they are still some of my favorite cases for any phone. They looked great, and when they got dirty, you could just put them in the washer to clean them.

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Best Dual-Layer Case

713cPeRJr4L AC SL1500

TUDIA DualShield Grip

The TUDIA DualShield Grip is a dual-layer shockproof case for the Google Pixel 8 Pro and it is just $19.99. Making it one of the cheaper cases on this list. Definitely worth picking up at that price too. It comes in five colors, including Indigo Blue, Green Lily, Matte Black, Pine Green and Smokey Pink.

Simply by the nature of dual-layer cases being two layers, this is going to be a pretty thick case, unfortunately. So those who want something thinner to protect your Google Pixel 8 Pro, which is already a fairly large phone, might want to look elsewhere. Like most dual-layer cases, this has a soft silicon inner case that goes against your phone to prevent it from being scratched. At the same time, the other layer is a tougher polycarbonate build.

So why a dual-layer case? Well the big reason for adding a dual-layer case to your phone is going to be for drop-protection. TUDIA claims that this has been military-grade drop tested, having had about 26 drops from around 4 feet high. That’s not as high as other cases on this list, but it’s still a good height, since most drops come from your pants pocket when putting your phone away or taking it out.

Typically, on these dual-layer cases, features like Google’s gesture tap on the back of the Pixel 8 Pro don’t work. But somehow it does work here, and I’ve tried it and can confirm that it does work without any issues. And it also wirelessly charges without issues here too. Both of which are actually rather impressive for a case that is this thick.

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Best Crystal Clear Case

best pixel 8 pro cases

Caseology Capella Crystal Clear Case

Those that are fans of clear cases, here is a good option for you. This is the Caseology Capella Crystal Clear Case. It’s a clear one, that costs just $20.99. Which is pretty good for the price, to be quite honest. We’ve seen many clear cases that cost a whole lot more, and are nowhere near as good.

The Caseology Capella has also been military-grade drop tested at a height of four feet, for 26 drops. That might not sound as impressive as some other cases on this list, but keep in mind that most people drop their phones from their hands. And most of the drops come from sliding out of your pocket, which is going to be under four feet high for most people.

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I for one, am not usually a fan of crystal clear cases. They just feel cheap to me, and they also pick up every single fingerprint imaginable. But somehow Caseology was able to get around that. It does still pick up some fingerprints, but nowhere near as many as some other cases out there, which is really great to see. And they also added some grip to the sides and bottom of the phone case, so that you are less likely to actually drop this phone.

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Best Grip Case

best pixel 8 pro cases

Caseology Parallax

The Caseology Parallax has long been a favorite here at AndroidHeadlines for cases. It’s a really neat looking case, with plenty of texture on the back to make it easy to hold onto. And it’s fairly inexpensive, at $21.99. This one does come in three colors: Matte Black, Bay Blue and Ash Gray.

The Parallax has long been one of my favorite cases for any phone really. It’s such an understated design, and has that 3D pattern on the back, which makes it insanely easy to keep a hold of. I’ve used this case on my phones, including the new Pixel 8 Pro, and have not had an issue dropping it. In fact, I’ve never dropped a phone in this case. But just in case you do, it is military-grade drop tested, at four feet for about 26 drops. So you’ll be protected here too, thankfully.

This is a very grippy case, and it doesn’t really stand out either. Not everyone wants a case that is going to stand out and draw attention to the phone that they are using. And the Caseology Parallax takes care of that quite easily.

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Best Colorful Case

best pixel 8 pro cases

Caseology Nano Pop

If you’re looking for something that has a bit of color, than the Caseology Nano Pop is the one for you. This case is $21.99 and comes in three colors: Black Sesame, Blueberry Navy and Burgundy Bean.

The Nano Pop is one of Caseology’s newer product lines, and I’m a big fan of it actually. As mentioned, it does come in three two-tone colors, which looks incredible on the new Pixel 8 Pro, especially the Blueberry Navy. While it looks like a dual-layer case, it’s actually just a single layer. But it does add some highlights around the camera bar, which help it stand out.

Now the only downside with this case is that you’ll never see the color of the phone you actually bought. It covers every inch of the outside of the phone, including the camera bar, just leaving cutouts for the cameras. So if you want to show off that Bay blue color of the Pixel 8 Pro, well, you’ll want to look elsewhere for another case.

Caseology has military-grade drop tested the Nano Pop case. This means it was rated at drops of four feet for 26 drops. Obviously that does not sound as good as some other cases on this list, but keep in mind that most drops are going to be at four feet or less. I for one, normally drop my phone when I’m taking it out of my pocket. So that’s less than four feet away from the ground. It is still rather impressive to see the drop testing on a case that is this thin, though.

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Best Rugged Case

61JwJC8GbYL AC SL1200

Spigen Tough Armor

The Spigen Tough Armor is not the most rugged case out there, but it does the job, without looking like a rugged case. It’s a dual-layer case, so you’ve got the soft side against the Pixel 8 Pro, with the harder polycarbonate side on the outside, which can take on the drops and such with ease.

Speaking of drop protection, this has been military-grade drop tested, which means 26 drops at four feet. That doesn’t sound like a lot but keep in mind that most drops are from four feet or lower. So you’re still covered here. This is also a shock-resistant case for the Pixel 8 Pro, which adds even more protection for your device.

Spigen is a made-for-Google partner, so this case fits the Pixel 8 Pro very nicely. In fact, it might be a little tricky to actually get it off of the Pixel 8 Pro. But it also has all of the usual cutouts for the camera, charging port, speakers, microphones, and such. So you won’t need to worry about anything with this case.

Finally, Spigen has included a kickstand on the back. But honestly, I would not buy this case solely for the kickstand. It’s pretty thin and, honestly, very flimsy. I wouldn’t use the kickstand all that often in this case. I did use it on the Pixel 8 Pro and was shocked at how flimsy it was, coming from Spigen.

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