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The Best e-Drum Deals in April 2024 – Thomann’s 70th Anniversary!

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Thomann 70th Anniversary Drum Rug

Thomann 70th Anniversary Drum Rug  · 


ProMark Classic Forward Hickory Drumsticks

ProMark Classic Forward Hickory Drumsticks  · 


Roland VAD706-GN

Roland VAD706-GN  · 


Roland VAD706

Roland VAD706  · 


Two of Roland’s range-topping V-Drum Acoustic Design kits receive huge discounts in Thomann’s 70th Anniversary celebrations!

The Easter break is coming to an end but there are some amazing deals to be had and none more so than two Roland VAD706 e-Drum kits with huge discounts. There are also some useful deals on accessories. Read on and start saving money!

Roland VAD706-GE/GN e-Drum Kit

When it comes to e-Drum kit deals, this particular one from our affiliate partner, Thomann, has got to be one of the best ever! The Roland V-Drum Acoustic Design kits are some of the most desirable e-Drum kits available today.

Striking the perfect balance between visual and sonic impact, the VAD706 kits feature full-size wooden shells with mesh heads, except for the snare which is stainless steel. Set this kit up on stage and only you and the band will know that this thing isn’t an acoustic kit.

Roland VAD706
Roland VAD706

Driving the whole kit is the top-of-the-line TD-50X drum module. Using Roland’s proprietary Prismatic sound modelling technology, the VAD706 not only looks like an acoustic kit, it sounds and plays like one too. A huge amount of connectivity includes17 drum trigger inputs, multiple audio outs and a unique 10-channel USB audio output for easy multi-tracking down a single cable.

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The kit comes with snare, kick, two mounted toms, one floor tom, hi-hat, two crash cymbals and a ride. All metalwork is included except for the snare and hit-hat stands. This deal applies to both the Ebony Gloss (GE) and Natural Gloss (GN) finishes.

There has never been a better time to buy one of the best e-Drum kits around!

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Thomann 70th Anniversary Edition Drum Rug

Once you’ve bought your brand new drum kit, you’re going to want to have something solid to set it up on. Drums move. A lot! Rubber feet on stands won’t cut it on many floors, especially if you’re playing hard and fast.

And with more and more e-drummers playing at home these days, you’re going to want to save your own carpet or wooden floor as well as dampen the sound of the kit to avoid upsetting your co-habitants. This is where a good quality drum rug comes in.

Thomann 70th Anniversary Drum Rug

Thomann offers a wide range of drum rugs and to celebrate their 70th anniversary, they’ve released an exclusive design! Made from a robust velour, the Thomann 70th anniverary drum rug is non-slip, flame retardant and contains no plasticisers or phthalates.

It’s completely washable and resistant to tears and cuts. Better still, it features a sound absorbing effect and is fully CE certified. Not only that, it looks pretty cool too! Make sure your kit stays stable and in place with this exclusive design.

ProMark Classic Forward Hickory Drumstick 4 pk with Free H-Rod Pair

Your choice of sticks is as important for e-Drummers as it is for acoustic players. Getting the correct size, weight, balance and feel is key to nailing your sound.

ProMark delivers excellent quality sticks across a broad range of sizes and styles and these Classic Forward Hickory sets of 4 pairs represent great value for money. And now, for a limited time till April 10th 2024, these 4 packs of Classic Forward Hickory sticks come with a free pair of ProMark Hot Rods worth €34.50!

ProMark Classic Forward Hickory Sticks and Hot Rods

ProMark’s Classic Forward design features a shorter shoulder, which means the stick’s centre of gravity is further forward, enabling the player to deliver more impact power. These four packs are available as 2A, 5A, 5B and 7A sizes with wooden tips.

Hot Rods offer drummers a happy place between sticks and brushes. In fact, ProMark is the original inventor of rods, so you will be getting a pair of rods made by the experts. And rods deliver the same degree of performance on mesh head e-Drums as they do on their acoustic counterparts.

  • The ProMark Classic Forward multipacks with free H-Rod pair at €44 are available until April 10th 2024
  • More from ProMark

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