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The best computer mice you can buy

It’s long been lauded as just an accessory to the computer experience; the computer mouse. Little do people know that the kind of mouse they have attached to their computer can define their work or play experience on their computer. Here’s a list of some of the best computer mice you can buy.

We’ll show you mice for general computer usage on this list. However, if you’re a gamer, then we have a list for you. Check out our list of Best Gaming Mice. Also, we will update this list constantly as time goes on. Check it out from time to time.

This list will show you some useful mice. They’re ergonomic, unique, and business-forward mice that you can use to add to your computer experience. These mice mostly appeal to casual and professional computer users.

seenda Wireless Mouse

Any person can use a large robust computer mouse with a ton of buttons and features. However, sometimes you just want something small and simple. These are nice to get if you’re planning on working in a crowded setup or traveling a lot. Sometimes, less is more. This is the case with the seenda Wireless Mouse ($13.99). This is a simple and to-the-point wireless mouse that’s very compact.

If you’re a person who just uses computers casually and doesn’t really care too much about getting a ton of features from your mouse, then this will be more than enough for you. It’s affordable, coming in at only $14, and it gets the job done. There’s a nice little texture on the mouse buttons, but it gives them a nice little aesthetic.

One nice thing about this mouse is the fact that it’s very quiet. Most mice make a pretty loud sound when you click their buttons. However, that’s not the case with this mouse. It’s a lot quieter, so you will be able to use it even if other people around you demand silence. That’s just a nice perk.

The seenda Wireless Mouse is pleasantly compact. You won’t need to worry about it taking up too much space in your bag or in a crowded coffee shop. It’s the perfect Mouse to take with you if you’re constantly traveling. It comes with a USB receiver so that you can easily hook it up to your computer or laptop. So, this is a plug-and-play device. All you have to do is plug it in and start using it.

This mouse, unfortunately, does not have a rechargeable battery. However, pop in a double-A battery, you will be able to use this for months. Also, if it’s been inactive for 10 minutes, the mouse will automatically shut off. So that saves more battery power in the end.

The main selling point for this mouse is the sizable collection of different colorways that come with it. There are 23 color options that you can choose from and they include black, black and gold, red, light blue, rose gold, silver, yellow and green, white, and plenty more. There are so many fun colors for you to choose from, and you are undoubtedly going to find one to suit your personal style.

seenda Wireless Mouse- Amazon

VssoPlor Wireless Mouse

VssoPlor Wireless Mouse

A lot of the time, many of the cheaper computer mice ignore important parts of the experience like ergonomics, noise level, and design. It makes sense, as they exist on this Earth to do a simple job with no bells or whistles. However, if you’re looking for an affordable mouse that has lots to offer, then you may want to consider the VssoPlor Wireless Mouse ($12.99). This mouse combines a few important features to make an all-around great computer mouse experience.

Starting off with the ergonomics, this mouse does take them into consideration. A lot of mice have a lump shape, and that doesn’t mesh well with the human anatomy. If you use a mouse for an extended period of time every day, you run the risk of getting carpal tunnel if you don’t have your hand in the proper position. The VssoPlor Wireless Mouse has a subtle downward slope that allows your hand to rest more easily on the buttons. This will eliminate the need to have your fingers propped up whenever you’re using the mouse. It’s much more comfortable to hold and you run less of a risk of hurting your hand over time.

Next, this mouse has a much quieter click than other mice. While a mouse click is not particularly the loudest noise in the world, the repetitive clicking of a mouse can be a bit annoying if you’re trying to sleep or, if you’re in a very quiet environment. Well, with this mouse, you won’t have to worry about that. The clicking sound is much softer than what you will hear with most of the mice on the Shelf. So, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not annoying other people.

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Design, this is a very sleek-looking Mouse. The one shown in the image is the black and gold color which is a very elegant and nice looking design. You see the black plastic with a gold accent. Along with that, there are 23 other colors that you can choose from, and they all look nice. Many of the other colors share a similarly elegant design to the one pictured above. However, there are some fun and bright pastel colors and a few animal designs.

While this mouse is an affordable option, it does not mean that it’s not a quality option.

VssoPlor Wireless Mouse – Amazon

Microsoft ARC Mouse

Sometimes, life can be so cramped that even a computer mouse can clutter things up a bit. Computer mice aren’t known for being compactable; however, leave it to Microsoft to find a way. If you’re looking for a mouse with a compactable design, then you might want to try out the Microsoft Arc mouse ($62.99). This is as simple as a mouse can get with its simple unibody design. While the design is simple, this is still a very high-quality device.

The body is relatively thin with a notable arc to it, giving it its name. Just looking at it, it’s hard to think that this actually is a computer mouse. However, you can use it just like any other mouse. It has an extremely minimalist design with two main components. There’s the chassis, and there’s the button pad. You’ll tap on either side of the button pad to either left-click or right-click. In order to scroll, you will swipe up or down using two fingers at the same time. It’s just as plain and simple as that.

One of the main features of this mouse is just how it can be compacted. Looking at it, you do see the arc design. It looks like a person can flatten it just by stepping on it. Well, that’s actually true. If you want to store this mouse, all you have to do is snap it flat. It will lie flat just like the mouse pad that it’s sitting on. This means that you’ll be able to store it in many more places. If you want to, you can even slip it into your pocket. This was a very innovative Choice by Microsoft, and it definitely adds value to the overall experience.

This is a Microsoft mouse, so you know that it works perfectly for Microsoft’s collection of Surface devices. However, you can still use this mouse on Mac computers and on Chromebooks.

This is a versatile all-around mouse that can be flattened like a pancake. So, if space is constantly an issue for you, then you won’t have any issues using this mouse.

Microsoft Arc Mouse – Amazon

TECKNET Wireless Mouse

TECKNET Wireless Mouse

If you’re a person who constantly has to use your mouse for work or other activities, then the subject of ergonomics should mean a lot to you. This should be true if you actually feel physical pain after using your mouse for a while. If that’s the case, then you are definitely in need of an ergonomic mouse. If you’re looking for an affordable option, then look no further than the TECKNET Wireless Mouse ($19.99) this is a mouse that’s designed with the user in mind, but it doesn’t break the bank.

When it comes to most computer mice, they’re not really shaped to be used for extended periods of time. This is why most workers need to consider getting an ergonomic Mouse. TheTECKNET Wireless Mouse has a unique shape that nestles the thumb and other fingers so that they rest in a more natural position. It’s shaped so that your thumb has a place to rest, your index and middle finger have a place to rest, and your ring and pinky have a place to rest. When using it, your hand will be tilted slightly to the side, which is a more natural position for your hand to be in. So if you are using a mouse for several hours a day, you will most likely feel the difference.

The ergonomics aren’t the only notable feature of this mouse. You’re able to change the DPI, or the speed at which your cursor moves across the screen. There are five different levels that you can choose from so you can adjust the cursor speed to your liking. This is a feature that’s usually found in more expensive mice, so it’s nice that the company brought this to the TECKNET Wireless Mouse.

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If you’re a person who likes to have a more personalized experience, then you will like the fact that there are 10 different color options. The one pictured above is the blue version, but there’s also a black, red and black, purple, pink, white, green, light blue, lavender, and lavender gradient color. These are all amazing-looking colors, and they complement an amazing-looking Mouse.

The subject of ergonomics can be a bit iffy at times as not many people know about them. However, an affordable Mouse with a focus on ergonomics is always welcome.

TECKNET Wireless Mouse – Amazon

SXBan Hamster Mouse

SXBan Hamster Mouse

Most of the time, people buy computer mice for business and work. Thus, they usually have to be very sensible and pragmatic. However, that’s not always the case. There’s no harm in buying a mouse that’s cute and fun. Maybe, you want to use it for gaming or for casual use. If you want a mouse like that, then look no further than the SXBan Hamster Mouse.

It’s not hard to see the appeal of this device. As you can tell, it is shaped very much like a hamster. Up front, there are two eyes and a very boopable nose. Up top, you see a few stripes running up and down the mouse that resemble the stripes on a hamster’s fur powder. Lastly, the two buttons have small points on them that represent a hamster’s ears. Overall, this is a very adorable package.

When it comes to shape, the mouse is very round and bulbous much like a hamster in real life. However, if you are looking for a mouse that prioritizes ergonomics, then it may not be for you. The mouse itself is very round, and it will sit comfortably in the hand.

Aside from being cute, this is also a quality-made product. It’s designed from quality materials, so you know that it will last you through several years of use. The buttons are very clicky, which is a breath of fresh air for people who hate mice with mushy buttons.

This hamster Mouse uses a AA battery for power. So, that’s unfortunately people who like rechargeable mice. However, you’ll be able to use this mouse for months on end without needing to replace the battery. You can simply carry around a spare battery, and you’ll be fine for well over a year.

This is a wireless mouse, so you’ll plug the little USB receiver into your computer. It will use Bluetooth, so your mouse will be able to stay connected to the receiver for up to about 33ft. You will have a stable connection even at a distance. Also, this is a plug-and-play mouse. All you have to do is power on the mouse, and plug it into your computer. It doesn’t have to install drivers or go through an entire setup process. This is a great mouse to have in your setup, and it costs a reasonable $15.75. Also, this mouse comes in five different colors. The one pictured above is pink, but it also comes in blue, gray, purple, and yellow


Buy at Amazon

Lekvey Ergonomic Mouse

Lekvey Ergonomic Mouse

We’re all familiar with what a standard computer mouse looks like, but when it comes to ergonomic computer mice, their designs can look rather different. This is because the early computer mouse was not designed with ergonomics in mind. However, nowadays, things are different. The Lekvey Ergonomic Mouse ($39.99) is a testament to that.

This is a mouse with a unique almost arrowhead shape. It’s shaped like this for the sake of keeping your hand in a natural position. Your hand will rest on the mouse in a sideways position, eliminating strain when using it for long periods of time. It will take some getting used to if you’re used to traditional mice. However, it’s a worthy upgrade if you have wrist pains.

As you can see in the picture, the person’s hand sits in a much better position. It’s similar to how your hand naturally rests when by your side. So, if you have an office job where your hand is on the mouse for hours on end, then getting a mouse like this is definitely necessary.

On the thumb side of the mouse, you have a backward and forward button to help you navigate easier. On the other side, of course, you have your typical clicking buttons with the scrolling wheel in the middle. At the top of the mouse, there’s a DPI button to help adjust the speed of the cursor.

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The Lekvey Ergonomic Mouse has a rechargeable battery that can last you a long time on a single charge. Speaking of use, you can use this mouse on a wide range of Windows and Linux devices, but it’s not compatible with Mac OS products.

Along with being very ergonomic, this Mouse is also fairly compact. Since it has a bit of a flatter profile than a regular Mouse, it could more easily slip into a bag. So, if you’re constantly traveling, then you won’t have to worry about this mouse cluttering up your bag or suitcase.

As an added bonus, it has three adjustable DPI layers as well. It lets you adjust the speed of the cursor as it moves across your screen.

While this mouse is a bit pricey compared to other standard mice, it’s a worthy investment if you are a person who cares about ergonomics. You never want to get any sort of hand injury down the road from hours of using your hand in the wrong way.

Lekvey Ergonomic Mouse – Amazon

DeLUX Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

DeLUX Wireless Ergonomic Mouse

This is a mouse that prioritizes ergonomics, and that lends to its unique shape. It’s a vertical mouse, so your hand will pretty much stand upright. Just like other ergonomic mice, the DeLUX Wireless Ergonomic Mouse ($24.99) keeps your hand in a more natural side-ways position.

Your thumb will sit in a little slot on the side of the mouse with a button above and below it. These are the forward and backward buttons that will help you navigate easier. On the other side, you’ll see the typical clicker buttons with the scrolling wheel in the middle. On the bottom of the mouse, there’s a palm rest that will keep your palm from scraping against the mouse pad.

This is also the kind of mouse that you’d want if you want to keep quiet when you’re using it. The mouse buttons are much quieter than with other mice. So, you won’t have to worry if you’re working in a quiet location.

DeLUX Wireless Ergonomic Mouse – Amazon

seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Whoever said that computer mice are only for one age group? There are plenty of computer mice out there that are meant for adult professionals to do their office work. However, adults aren’t the only people who use computers, and many younger kids have their own computers to use. So, why not get your child a computer mouse just for them? A great option to consider is the seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse ($12.99), as it comes with a lot of very bright, and colorful lights that will appease any child’s eyes. While these could be used for children, they can also be a part of an adult’s setup.

While this mouse is affordable, it is still a quality device. It’s a sturdily built mouse that can take many falls before taking on any damage. It’s made with thick plastic and quality materials, so if your kid drops the mouse many times, you can rest assured that it will not get broken.

Kids are typically loud, but this mouse is not. The seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse comes with very quiet buttons. So, when you or your child clicks it, it will not be as loud. If you’re in a position where you have to be very quiet, then you don’t have to worry about the mouse’s clicking noise annoying everybody. There’s also a handy DPI button that you can use to adjust the speed of the mouse cursor. This is great if you or your child wants to play some games, and there aren’t any sensitivity controls.

The seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse uses quick charging. So, if you’re in a situation where it dies, you can charge it for a few minutes to get a couple of hours of usability.

One of the main aspects of this mouse is the array of LED lights. Along the bottom, you will see some very nice-looking LED lights made to give the mouse a certain flare. So, if you are into gaming, or you just want to see some pretty lights, then this mouse is just right for you. The lights wrap around the bottom of the mouse and a thin band, and they all look amazing.

There are nine different fun and exciting colors that you can get this mouse in, and they all look great. They, just like the lights themselves, are all bright and colorful. If you’re looking for a reliable Mouse that has a fun Flair, then you should definitely look into getting this one.

seenda Rechargeable Wireless Mouse – Amazon

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