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Talented India launches guerilla activation with Myntra and Britannia Good Day – togetherbe

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Your latest Myntra delivery might come stuffed with secret money from Britannia Good Day’s latest guerilla activation: The Bank of Small Wins.


What’s the hot trend today? Shackets? Cargo pants? Denims on denims? Myntra, the home of trends – is turning the trend game upside down and making us buy pants for an all new reason… to find money inside its pockets!

Think about it. Every human being on Earth loves finding forgotten money in their pockets. But since millions of young Indians switched to digital payments, this small joy is running out of circulation.

To resurrect this small win for a whole new generation, Talented Agency turned to Britannia Good Day – India’s favourite cookie brand, that’s all about celebrating the small wins, and asked them to put their money where their mouth is… or where their consumers’ pockets are.

Thus was born the ‘The Bank of Small Wins’ – a guerilla activation that’s entering pockets. Britannia Good Day printed their own currency* (worth ~ INR 15 lakhs), in denominations ranging from ₹10 to ₹2000, each adorned with designs inspired by the memorable packs of Britannia Good Day… and stuffed into lakhs of pockets across India.

Starting with 1 lakh random pockets across Myntra’s collection: in random jeans, trousers, pyjamas, you name it. Across the best of Myntra’s homegrown brands including Roadster and FWD.

And while the ‘bank’ might not be real, the value of the currency is! Every note from The Bank of Small Wins is redeemable for actual currency (through a UPI cashback). No strings attached.

In an exciting tease, Britannia Good Day has also hinted at the possibility of a massive ₹50,000 note hidden in one of these pockets, somewhere!

That’s not all – each note contains bonus small wins, cleverly crafted to offer a touch of whimsy and practicality to any social situation – whether it’s turning a meeting into an email or sidestepping the dreaded ‘Shaadi’ conversation with parents, these bonus wins add an extra layer of charm to every discovery.

In a classic Indian touch, some of these notes will also have random scribbles on them that make the receiver even luckier – right from secret autographs ft. an Indian sportstar, to a secret phone number which will award the user with 3 months of free Britannia Good Day packs!

Sanket Audhi and Aatif Shaikh, Creatives @ Talented, said: “The Mr. Beastification of Good Day is here! Digital payments killed the world’s biggest small win, and Britannia Good Day is now resurrecting it. Through the world’s smallest media touchpoint… pockets! To think that there could be a Britannia Good Day ad hiding in your pocket was both hilarious and thrilling. Both Aww and Awe. This insight and idea is relatable to every human being on Earth – and we’ve been joking about how Britannia Good Day should go global just so every currency – Euro, Yen, Dollar – gets a taste of The Bank of Small Wins. It’s the prettiest looking currency out there!”

“Cookie Dough is meeting Real Dough! To take Britannia Good Day from the Indian kitchen to the Indian wardrobe was unexpected. We hope buying pants or giving them for laundry will never feel the same again. The Bank of Small Wins is a guerilla activation, a media innovation and a cross-brand collaboration… all rolled into one, and one of the freshest interpretations of Britannia Good Day’s brand platform of Everyday Small Wins,” says Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer, Britannia.

Vijay Sharma, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, Myntra, “What do cookies and pants have in common? One of the most exciting partnerships seen in India of course! Partnering with Britannia we gave Cash on Delivery a whole new spin multiplying the delight and excitement of receiving your order. We’re hoping this makes shopping on Myntra even more exciting now. And on a lighter note, gives us more reasons for women’s clothes to have pockets.”

Talented India launches guerilla activation with Myntra and Britannia Good Day
Talented India launches guerilla activation with Myntra and Britannia Good Day

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