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Synology DSM 7.2 NAS operating system

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Synology today announced a new update to Network Attached Storage NAS operating system With the release of Synology DSM 7.2. It brought with it a wealth of new features, tweaks and improvements. Among these are improvements to the DSM System notifications system which now provides more flexible notification settings and additional support for Microsoft Teams and LINE notifications.

Other features include the addition of immutable storage and backup in DSM 7.2 with WriteOnce shared folders and immutable snapshots. Leveraging write-once-read-multiple (WORM) technologies, these features allow organizations to protect their data from malicious attacks, tampering, and accidental deletion by creating an immutable copy of their data, Synology explains. This ability is essential for industries such as healthcare, finance, and government, which must comply with strict data retention policies.

Synology DSM 7.2 NAS operating system

Fast full-size encryption
Full Volume Encryption encrypts inactive data, including shared folders, LUNs, and package data. This feature ensures data privacy and security in the event of a security breach or theft, as the data stored within becomes unreadable without the decryption key. In addition, KMIP is supported to simplify and centralize key management.

Full volume encryption provides a write performance boost of up to 48% when compared to applying shared folder encryption on all eligible data stored on a volume. Between the two modes, users now have effective options to protect specific data or entire file systems against unauthorized access.

Increased performance and efficiency
DSM 7.2 adds support for M.2 NVMe SSDs on more systems, allowing for more flexible use of onboard M.2 NVMe slots. SSD deduplication sees improvements with the built-in zero-block deduplication implementation, saving up to 25% of deduplication times by reducing the amount of data that must be stored.

Meanwhile, Hyper Backup’s implementation of full system backups provides the option to back up to the cloud, USB devices, and other destinations. With block-level storage technology, initial full system backups are twice as fast.

More secure and convenient access controls
Adaptive multi-factor authentication is making its way into Synology systems, providing a seamless approach to security by evaluating various contextual factors such as device, location, time of day, and user behavior to determine if additional verification is needed.

Security measures are further improved by implementing automatic blocking of connections over SMB and QuickConnect. AutoBlock provides protection against brute force attacks by blocking IP addresses with repeated failed login attempts. QuickConnect can block IP addresses globally, which enhances overall security against potential threats.

Better management
Active Insight now includes storage prediction. This new feature helps IT administrators and service providers anticipate future storage needs by providing insights into current storage usage and forecasting future capacity requirements.

Source: Synology

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