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Synology DSM 7.2.1 features updated Active Insight and new performance metrics

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Synology has announced the release of its DSM 7.2.1 operating system, an upgraded version of the Active Insight cloud service, and a new performance evaluation tool. These updates are designed to bolster resilience against potential threats and streamline the deployment process for customers and partners, enhancing their overall experience.

The DSM 7.2.1 update is a significant step forward in Synology’s ongoing commitment to data protection and system resilience. This isn’t just a minor update, but a major enhancement that boosts the ability to backup, replicate, and fully restore Synology systems. It caters to both on-site and cloud-based destinations, offering a comprehensive solution. The update introduces WORM (Write Once, Read Many) folders and immutable snapshots, innovative features that ensure data integrity and simplify compliance with record-keeping requirements, making it a valuable tool for businesses.

Synology DSM 7.2.1

The upgraded Active Insight cloud service is another key part of Synology’s enhanced offering. It’s more than just a service; it’s a 24/7 File Activity monitor, providing continuous oversight of your data and systems to ensure their safety and integrity. This service introduces automated responses to suspicious file activities, enhancing the detection and response to ransomware attacks. The update also simplifies the user interface and customer-delegation process, making it easier to manage your data and systems.

Synology’s new performance evaluation tool is a valuable resource for businesses. The company has updated its performance evaluation webpage to help businesses make accurate sizing decisions. The revamped page offers comprehensive benchmarks and performance metrics covering various aspects, including SMB (Server Message Block), iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interface), NFS (Network File System), IO (Input/Output) latency, and performance data for MailPlus, Office, and Surveillance Station. This tool is designed to provide businesses with the insights they need to make informed decisions.

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These updates and enhancements are part of Synology’s ongoing commitment to providing robust, reliable, and user-friendly solutions for data management and protection. By continually improving its operating system, cloud service, and performance evaluation tools, Synology is helping businesses to better manage their data, improve system performance, and enhance their resilience against threats.

In conclusion, the DSM 7.2.1 update, the upgraded Active Insight cloud service, and the new performance evaluation tool represent significant advancements in Synology’s offerings. These enhancements provide businesses with the tools they need to protect their data, improve system performance, and make informed decisions about their data management and system deployment. Synology’s commitment to innovation and improvement is evident in these updates, and they are a testament to the company’s dedication to providing reliable and effective solutions for data management and protection.

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