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Synology BeeDrive mobile backup solution

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This week, Synology introduced a new Personal Backup Center and system to help keep your most important documents safe from deletion, loss, and technical issues. Check out the video below for an overview BeeDrive Synology Personal Backup Center and its features. Simply connect BeeDrive to your computer and it will do it Automatically backup your most important files Including mobile photos, documents, media, and more.

The 1TB Synology BeeDrive is now available for purchase for $120 with a 2TB version also available for $200.


Whether it’s school or work projects, vacation photos, or just to save storage space on your phone, BeeDrive collects all your data spread across different devices.

Easy backup solution

BeeDrive allows you to store over 800,000 photos or over 5,000 videos and all files are stored locally, eliminating worries about third party access. Allowing you to start paying for your monthly cloud storage services. Recover your files anytime on any computer simply via File Explorer. Select any folders you wish to back up. All changes will be copied to BeeDrive as soon as they happen, keeping up to 5 previous versions in case of accidental overwriting.


BeeDrive is a personal backup center that simultaneously backs up files from your PC and media from smartphones and tablets over Wi-Fi when connected to a PC. BeeDrop’s mobile-to-PC transfer feature makes it designed for those who need the most. frequently to importing mobile phone media or files to PC.By ensuring data privacy and no subscription fees, it is the ideal backup solution for individuals looking for a hassle-free way to protect their work and memories from accidental data loss.”

BeeDrive Synology

Easily switch between your work and home computers without missing a beat. Simply plug in BeeDrive and it will automatically sync your latest changes, ensuring seamless productivity wherever you are. Running out of storage space or hesitant to pay perpetual cloud subscription fees? BeeDrive provides backup Quick photos and videos over Wi-Fi, allowing you to free up storage space on your device.


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