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StarCoder2 LLM AI model designed for developers

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StarCoder2 is an advanced open-source coding language model designed for developers, is being made offering three variants with different parameter sizes: 3 billion, 7 billion, and 15 billion. It is the latest version of the Starcoder series and has been trained on a vast array of programming languages and tokens. The model is noted for its performance across various benchmarks, particularly in math and coding reasoning, as well as in supporting several low-resource languages. BigCode is releasing StarCoder2, the next generation of transparently trained open code LLMs. All StarCoder2 variants were trained on The Stack v2, a new large and high-quality code dataset.

StarCoder2 LLM is a sophisticated language model that’s been trained on an immense amount of data—4 trillion tokens, to be exact. It’s familiar with over 600 programming languages, which means it’s likely to understand the one you’re using. With three different versions, the most powerful of which has 15 billion parameters, this model is designed to help you complete your code and solve programming problems more efficiently than ever before.

  • StarCoder2-3B was trained on 17 programming languages from The Stack v2 on 3+ trillion tokens.
  • StarCoder2-7B was trained on 17 programming languages from The Stack v2 on 3.5+ trillion tokens.
  • StarCoder2-15B was trained on 600+ programming languages from The Stack v2 on 4+ trillion tokens.

The model’s training is impressive, thanks to the Stacked Version 2 dataset. This dataset is a treasure trove of software source code and historical deployment data, collected from the extensive archives of Software Heritage. This partnership has led to a dataset that’s not only vast but also of very high quality. It includes a new way to detect licensing and better filtering, which lays a solid foundation for the model’s advanced abilities.

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StarCoder2 LLM

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When it comes to performance, StarCoder2 really stands out. It has been put to the test against other models like DeepSeaCoder and CodeLlama and has shown superior results, especially in tasks that involve math and logical reasoning in coding. But it’s not just about the big languages; this model also supports several languages that aren’t as widely used, showcasing its adaptability.

These aren’t empty boasts. There’s solid research and online demonstrations that back up these claims. You can check these out to see just how capable StarCoder2 is.

Now, let’s talk about how you can actually use this tool. The LM Studio platform makes it simple for you to bring StarCoder2 into your projects. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you won’t have to struggle to get the model up and running in your development environment. And for those who are interested in how well language models perform, the Evo+ framework is there to help. It provides a set of metrics that give you a more accurate picture of a model’s performance.

But StarCoder2 isn’t just a tool; it’s also a gateway to a community. There’s a private Discord channel where developers like you can connect, share AI resources, and keep up with the latest in AI and language modeling. It’s a place where you can find support and inspiration from others who are also exploring the frontiers of coding.

StarCoder2 LLM is more than just a language model. It’s a resource that combines extensive training, top-notch performance, and a supportive community. With tools like LM Studio, it’s ready to become an integral part of your coding toolkit. Whether you’re working on a complex project or just starting out, StarCoder2 has something to offer that can enhance your coding experience.

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