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Stability AI Stable Chat model featured at DEFCON31

Stability AI unveiled its revolutionary open access large language model (LLM) on July 21st, 2023. This LLM, known for its intricate reasoning capabilities, understanding of linguistic subtleties, and prowess in solving complex mathematical problems, has now featured at the prestigious DEFCON31. The event marks a significant milestone in the journey of the Stability AI Stable Chat model.

“On July 21st, 2023, we released a powerful new open access large language model. At the time of launch, it was the best open LLM in the industry, comprising intricate reasoning and linguistic subtleties, capable of solving complex mathematics problems and similar high-value problem-solving. “

The launch of the LLM was not just a technological breakthrough, but also an invitation to AI safety researchers and developers to contribute towards enhancing the safety and performance of this cutting-edge technology. In a bid to increase the model’s accessibility, Stability AI announced two key initiatives: Stable Chat and a White House-sponsored red-teaming contest at DEFCON 31.

Stable Chat

Stable Chat, a free website, offers a platform for AI safety researchers and enthusiasts to interactively evaluate the LLM’s responses. This initiative aims to gather valuable feedback on the safety and usefulness of the model. The LLM was also put to the test at DEFCON 31, held in Las Vegas from August 10-13, 2023. This contest provided a unique opportunity to push the model to its limits and assess its capabilities.

The Stable Chat research preview, a pioneering innovative web interface, has been specifically designed to enable closer interaction within the AI community, providing them a platform for a more hands-on and interactive evaluation of the Language Learning Model (LLM). This web interface offers extensive and direct input for researchers paving way for more refined and improved algorithms. By using Stable Chat, researchers can actively evaluate, scrutinize and provide real-time feedback on the safety standards, overall quality, and the relevance of the responses generated by the LLM.

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Flagging any potentially biased or harmful content

This groundbreaking initiative plays a crucial role in uncovering and flagging any potentially biased or harmful content. In the unlikely event that such content is identified, it can immediately be brought to the attention of the developers through Stable Chat. This allows for the immediate rectification and adjustments to the AI model ensuring its optimal performance.

To fully facilitate this initiative, a dedicated research-purpose-only website has been set up. This secure site is geared towards providing an open environment to test, modify and enhance the AI model. Updated versions of the models are uploaded on this site perpetually in sync with the dynamically progressing research, thereby maintaining the technology’s relevance and accuracy to the current trends and standards.

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Stable Chat research preview

While the Stable Chat research preview and the affiliated website are open for public use, users are urged to use this service responsibly. Given that the technology and site are in their research phase, it is advised that users refrain from applying it for real-world applications or commercial purposes. This is to ensure that the integrity and the primary purpose of the research are preserved until the technology has been thoroughly tested and deemed ready for deployment in practical scenarios.

Furthermore, the research site offers easy account setups for users. They can either avail of the free account creation option or conveniently log in using their existing Gmail accounts on Stable Chat. Users are actively encouraged to participate and contribute to the continual improvement of the AI model by reporting any biased, harmful, or inappropriate output. This collaborative effort contributes to a more ethical, reliable, and unbiased development of the AI model, making Stable Chat a hallmark in the evolution of LLM and AI community.

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The LLM featured at the White House-sponsored red-teaming event at DEFCON 31. Here, attendees  evaluated and research its vulnerabilities, biases, and safety risks. The findings from DEFCON 31 will play a crucial role in building safer AI models and underscore the importance of independent evaluation for AI safety and accountability.

Stability AI’s participation in DEFCON 31 is a testament to its commitment to promoting transparency in AI and fostering collaboration with external security researchers. This event marks a significant step forward in the journey of AI safety and accountability, and the Stability AI Stable Chat model is at the forefront of this exciting new era.

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