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Sony a9 III the first still camera with a global shutter

Imagine taking photographs with a camera that can freeze the fastest action without a hint of blur. Sony’s latest creation, the a9 III, is a camera that does just that. It’s the first of its kind to include a global shutter, a feature that’s about to change the way you capture the world. This camera is designed for those who don’t want to miss a millisecond, whether it’s a bird in flight or a car zooming past. It’s a tool that promises precision and speed, but it comes with a price tag and some considerations you should be aware of.

A camera global shutter is a technology used in image sensors for cameras that captures the entire image frame at once. This is distinct from the more common rolling shutter, which captures the image progressively, scanning through the frame either vertically or horizontally.

Let’s dive into what makes the Sony a9 III stand out. The global shutter is a leap forward from the mechanical shutters you might be used to. Mechanical shutters work by opening and closing to let light hit the sensor, but they can cause problems when you’re photographing fast-moving subjects. You might have seen photos where straight lines appear bent or objects look stretched out – that’s rolling shutter distortion. The global shutter avoids this by capturing the entire image at once, so everything looks just as it should.

Sony a9 III global shutter camera

With this new shutter, the a9 III can reach shutter speeds up to an incredible 1/180,000 of a second. If you’re into sports, wildlife, or any kind of action photography, this is a big deal. It means you can freeze motion like never before, without any blur. And if you’re shooting a sequence of movements, the camera’s high frame rate ensures you won’t miss a thing.

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But, as with any technology, there are trade-offs. The a9 III has a 24-megapixel resolution, which is great for many purposes, but if you’re looking to make huge prints or crop your images a lot, you might find it limiting. And while the camera performs well in many situations, its low-light capabilities might not be as strong as some other models, like the more affordable Sony a74.

When it comes to focusing on your subject, the a9 III has an advanced autofocus system. It’s designed to keep your subject sharp, even in challenging conditions. But there’s room for improvement in other areas, like the user interface and how the camera connects with smartphones. These aspects could be made simpler, which would make it easier for you to share your photos and manage your workflow. Sony explains a little more about the technology :

“The α9 III features the world’s first1 full-frame stacked 24.6 MP2 CMOS image sensor with a global shutter system. Unlike a rolling shutter sensor that records images sequentially from the top row of pixels to the bottom, the newly-developed Exmor RS image sensor exposes and reads all pixels simultaneously so the camera can capture fast-moving subjects with absolutely no distortion. Combined with a maximum shutter speed of 1/80000 second (1/16000 second during continuous shooting)3, the α9 III is a game changer for professional photography.”

Pricing and availability

Now, let’s talk about the cost. At $6,000, the Sony a9 III is a serious investment. It’s not likely to be the first choice for hobbyists or those watching their budget. But for professionals who need the very best in speed and accuracy, it could be worth every penny. Looking ahead, the a9 III’s global shutter is just the beginning. This technology is expected to trickle down to more affordable cameras, which means more photographers will be able to take advantage of its benefits. The ability to capture images without distortion, even at high speeds, is something that could soon be within reach for many more photography enthusiasts.

Sony a9 III  specifications:

  • Camera Type: Mirrorless
  • Sensor: 24.6MP Full-Frame Global Shutter
  • Processor: BIONZ XR and AI Processing Unit
  • Continuous Shooting: Up to 120 fps raw
  • Flash Sync Speed: Up to 1/80,000 second
  • Video Capabilities:
    • UHD 4K video up to 60 fps
    • 4K up to 120 fps with no crop
    • 10-bit 4:2:2 internal recording with All-I encoding
    • 16-bit raw video output via HDMI
    • S-Log3, S-Cinetone, and other Picture Profiles
  • Design Features:
    • C5 custom button addition
    • Adjustable continuous shooting mode via menu
    • Enhanced grip and ergonomics
    • Dual CFexpress Type A/SD card slots
    • USB-C port with USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds (up to 10 Gb/s)
  • Display and Viewfinder:
    • 3.2″ 2.1m-dot 4-axis multi-angle touchscreen LCD
    • 9.44m-dot 0.90x OLED EVF with up to 240 fps refresh rate
  • Connectivity:
    • Ethernet port
    • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Additional Features:
    • Voice memo function
    • IPTC metadata support
    • Image burst group display
    • Weather sealing with shading curtain for sensor protection
    • Optional VG-C5 Vertical Grip
  • Future Firmware Updates:
    • Enhanced continuous shooting and workflow features
    • Addition of C2PA technology
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So, what does this all mean for you? If you’re someone who values being able to capture action without compromise, the Sony a9 III is a camera that could transform your photography. It’s a significant step forward, offering a glimpse into the future of camera technology. But it’s also a camera that requires careful consideration of its capabilities and cost before you decide if it’s the right tool for your photography journey.

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