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SnapOS brings UI theming to Android Automotive

Snapp Automotive, the famed infotainment system manufacturer, has unveiled its latest dynamic theming engine inside SnappOS. For those unaware, SnappOS is a modified version of Android Automotive that allows complete control of your car’s smart infotainment system. The company’s dynamic theme engine permits highly adaptable themes on the fly, thus providing users with a sleek and personalized UI instantly.

Instant UI theming feature arrives in Android Automotive ‘SnappOS’

Moreover, Snapp Automotive can use the JetPack Compose technology to develop a new UI theme for a vehicle within two weeks. It underlines how efficient and flexible Snapp’s specialized theme engine is. Changing your car’s UI theme on the go is convenient with Dynamic Themes, allowing one to switch the dashboard interface without disrupting other ongoing activities.

A seamless theme-switching capability in SnappOS enables users to alter their infotainment design directly via smartphone. This means that, unlike traditional in-car software, they do not have to reset the UI when changing themes, thus making it more user-friendly. In addition, this means that depending on various driving conditions such as parking or traveling; sometimes even while driving if required, then UI elements and tools will vary automatically based on the live status of vehicles.

SnappOS theming engine
Credits: Snapp Automotive

SnappOS’ versatility extends to “SnappOS Light”, a variation that focuses on giving the essential software for running Android Automotive or CarPlay. While the customizable UI isn’t present within Android Auto itself, users can get a taste of it through the phone projection software, making driving more fun.

SnappOS themes seamlessly integrate into the UI and work with Google services

Built atop Android Automotive, SnappOS aims to speed up the adoption of this platform by vehicle manufacturers and third-party hardware suppliers. Despite its personalization, SnappOS remains compatible with Google’s services to ensure smooth integration with the existing Android ecosystem.

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With its groundbreaking Dynamic Theming feature, Snapp Automotive is set to disrupt the in-car experience by allowing UI customization like never before. As Android Automotive takes root in the auto industry, solutions such as SnappOS show how these technologies can contribute to better user experience and quicker uptake of advanced tech in vehicles.

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