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Samsung Less Microfiber™ filter revealed

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Samsung has launched a new device designed to reduce ocean plastics that originate from laundry, the Samsung Microfiber Filter. This device is an external filter for your washing machine.

Designed by Samsung in collaboration with Ocean Wise and also with inspiration from clothing maker Patagonia, this new device is engineered to reduce microplastic shedding by up to 54 percent, more info below.

To enable customers to reduce microplastic emissions from their laundry, Samsung first developed the Less Microfiber™, a washing cycle that reduces microplastic leakage by 54%1 In part by taking advantage of Samsung’s Ecobubble™ technology. By using bubbles to help dissolve and absorb the detergent, it takes less heat and energy to wash clothes, resulting in less abrasion which in turn prevents microplastic emissions.

Samsung microfiber filter

The Less Microfiber™ Filter takes this a step further, blocking up to 98% of2 of microplastics released during washing from escaping into the ocean, equivalent to eight 500ml plastic bottles per year3 When used four times a week. Additionally, to help more customers participate in reducing microplastic emissions, the Less Microfiber™ filter features a plug-in design style that allows it to be used with standard washer models, demonstrating the company’s dedication to long-term sustainability and helping customers embrace sustainability in their the house.

You can find out more details about Samsung’s new Samsung Less Microfiber™ filter at the link below. The device is now available in the UK and Korea and will be launched in more countries in the third quarter.

Source Samsung

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