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Samsung Global Goals App gets Thank You Gifts

Samsung’s stepping up its game with some cool “Thank-you gifts” in the Samsung Global Goals app, a sweet way to say thanks to all you Galaxy folks for pitching in towards making the world a better place. Now, when you dive into the app and do your bit for the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, you get to snag some awesome, limited-time wallpapers and other goodies. It’s their way of giving a high-five for your support and efforts.

The app itself is a joint effort with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and it’s all about making it super easy for the nearly 300 million Galaxy users out there to learn about and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. And get this, it’s available in 89 languages, which is pretty wild! Whether you’re making direct donations or just watching ads in the app, every little bit helps. Over the past four years, the Galaxy gang has raised more than $17 million to help tackle these big global challenges, which is seriously impressive.

With the United Nations pointing out some bumps in the road to hitting those Global Goals by 2030, especially with all the crazy stuff happening around the world, Samsung’s not just sitting back. Adding Thank-you gifts into the mix, along with a Donation Leaderboard they rolled out earlier, shows they’re all in on getting the Galaxy community to step up even more.

These Thank-you gifts aren’t just any old wallpapers; we’re talking exclusive designs featuring the likes of black rhinos, sea turtles, and coral reefs, all in slick black-and-white and chrome looks. It’s a way to keep the momentum going and raise awareness, sure, but also a shout-out to Samsung’s commitment to using their reach and tech for good.

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