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Samsung Galaxy S24 Eco-Friends Accessories Launched

Samsung is launching a new range of accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S24 range of smartphones called Eco-Friends. Samsung has partnered with mobile accessory company SLASH B SLASH and there are a total of 57 cases in the range.

Samsung Eco-Friends, crafted by Samsung’s Future Generation Lab, is a line of eco-conscious accessories like cases and straps, using sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and vegan leather with a minimum of 40% post-consumer materials.

Designs inspired by The Rolling Stones, Queen and other artists offer users another way to express themselves. In particular, Samsung’s collaboration with K-pop boy band Stray Kids lets fans watch videos of their favorite members simply by inserting a near-field communication (NFC) card6 into the case. Each collectible card hosts a unique collection of videos and photos featuring individual Stray Kids members so fans can enjoy a one-of-a-kind, pocketable experience.

Using waste, we are making an effort to convey the values of a circular economy,” said Samsung’s Future Generation Lab. “We will continue to develop accessories that intrigue customers by utilizing various technologies.”

First released in Korea on February 6, Samsung Eco-Friends will soon be available in major markets worldwide7 including the U.S. and Japan. The accessories can be purchased at the company’s immersive Samsung Gangnam flagship store, as well as and SLASH B SLASH’s online mall.

You can find out more details about the new Eco-Friends Accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S24 range of smartphones over at Samsung’s website at the link below.

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