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Samsung Galaxy Buds get AI features

Samsung has revealed a range of new AI features for its Samsung Galaxy Buds Series and this includes a range of real-time translation features, that work with you listening to translations directly into your earbuds. At the same time, the other participant receives them through your phone’s speaker.

Tired of feeling lost in the translation during conversations? The Galaxy S24 series’ real-time translation features let you talk to anyone[1], anywhere and this barrier-free communication gets even better with Galaxy Buds.

Interpreter: Interpreter enhances communication by providing real-time translation on your Galaxy S24 series. When paired with Galaxy Buds, they further optimise the feature by separating sound during conversation. You can listen to translations through your earbuds, while the other person hears through your phone speaker, helping you to focus better on the conversation and eliminating the need to pass your device back and forth. Plus, you can effortlessly swap the order of speech during the conversation by simply tapping on the buds, without having to manually adjust the order with your phone.

You can find out more information about all of the new AI features for the Samsung Galaxy Series over at Samsung’s website at the link below, Samsung will be bringing these new features to other devices in the future. This will include the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Buds2, and Buds FE, starting later this month.

Source Samsung

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