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Samsung Bespoke Cube Air Infinite air prufiers launched

Samsung is adding some new devices to its Bespoke range of home appliances with the launch of the new Samsung Bespoke Cube Air Infinite air purifiers which Samsung descrivbes as a premium air purifier with an AI function.

The Bespoke Cube Air Infinite line applies ‘4-way surround cleaning’ technology to suck in polluted air in 360 degrees on all four sides and expel clean air evenly throughout the space.

When faster purification and air circulation are needed, the ‘Pop-up Clean Booster’ located at the top of the product operates and sends clean air that has passed through the filter up to 11 meters away. This booster can be customized to your living space by setting the rotation angle range through the SmartThings app, and is designed to be hidden inside when not in operation, so it blends in harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

This product is equipped with an integrated ‘S Filter’ consisting of an ultrafine filter, antibacterial dust collection filter, and charcoal deodorization reinforcement filter, removing 99.999% of dust as small as 0.01㎛, which is smaller than the ultrafine dust standard of 2.5㎛ (micrometer), and eliminating household odors. Removes up to 99% of pet odors.

The new Samsung Bespoke Cube Air Infinite has been launched in Samsung’s home country of South Korea, as yet there are no details on pricing and now details on when they may be available in more countries like the USA, UK, and Europe.

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