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Samsung and Warner Bros. are collaborating. in creating 8K movie trailers

Samsung announced a new partnership with Warner Bros. To bring 8K movie trailers to Samsung’s range of 8K TVs including the NEO QLED 8K range of TVs in more than 65,000 retail stores worldwide.

“This partnership is an exciting step forward for 8K content, showcasing Neo QLED 8K capabilities and enticing consumers to watch movies with cinematic quality,” said Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “Collaborating with Warner Bros. allows Samsung to show consumers how premium TV technology can take their favorite movies to a whole new level.”

To better understand the demand for 8K content, Samsung and Warner Bros. Their partnership by showing the “Creed III” trailer across more than 450 retail stores in the US and Europe earlier this year. This garnered great interest and enthusiasm from audiences around the world, marking the growing demand for 8K content. Since then, Samsung and Warner Bros. have worked together. together to expand the program. Now, shoppers globally will be able to watch Samsung Neo QLED 8K in action with an enticing array of high-level content, including trailers for upcoming films like “Barbie,” “Blue Beetle,” “Dune: Part Two,” “Wonka,” and “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.”

You can find out more information about this new partnership between Samsung and Warner Bros. To bring 8K movie trailers to Samsung 8K TVs, visit the Samsung website at the link below.

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