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Roland SP-404 MKII v4.04: Huge Firmware Update for 404 Day!

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Just in time for 404 Day, Roland has released a major firmware update for the SP-404 MKII sampler. According to the manufacturer, version 4.04 is the biggest update for the SP-404 MKII to date, with loads of new features for an improved workflow.

Roland SP-404 MKII Firmware Update 4.04

Since the SP-404 MKII came out in 2021, Roland has kept the sampler up to date with several firmware updates. Version 4.04, which the manufacturer released just in time for 404 Day, once again adds several new features that could change how you use your SP-404 MKII.

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One of the most important new additions is the Loop Capture feature inspired by the SP-555. This essentially turns the SP-404 MKII into a fully featured looper. You can overdub internal samples, external instruments, and the mic input on the fly to build looping performances.

Another useful improvement is Multipad Export. You can now export all or selected pads of a pattern as individual audio files. This makes it much easier to take your SP-404 patterns to a DAW for further production, remixing, or exchanging with other producers.

Groove Function, Koala Integration, and more

Furthermore, Roland has added a new Groove function inspired by the VP-9000 VariPhrase. This lets you change the groove of sampled drum loops – anything from subtle swing to full-on glitchiness is possible.

In addition to this, the new Roland SP-404 MKII firmware turns the sampler into a synth! You can now create bass lines and melodies using the Sound Generator with 15 built-in waveforms.

Roland SP-404 MKII Koala
The SP-404 MKII now works with Koala

If you’re a fan of the popular Koala Sampler app by Elf Audio, you’re going to love the SP-404 MKII’s new Koala integration. The new firmware lets you send audio back and forth between the sampler and the app over USB. You can also control many of the app’s features from the comfort of your SP-404 MKII. Excellent!

Moreover, the Roland SP-404 MKII update also brings other useful features such as Microscope Editing in TR-REC mode, Sample Merge, Preset Measure Sampling, and Bounce Pattern Chains. It goes without saying that you should absolutely download this update if you own a Roland SP-404 MKII!

More info about the Roland SP-404 MKII Update

The Roland SP-404 MKII update version 4.04 is now available as a free download from Roland.

The Roland SP-404 MKII and the flashy Stones Throw Limited Edition are available at Thomann*.

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Roland SP-404 MKII 2.0 (July 1st, 2022)

Last year, Roland fulfilled the dreams of all fans of the SP-404 sampler with the new and much improved SP-404 MKII. With the major firmware update that Roland has now released, the sampler has just become even more versatile.

Perhaps the most interesting new feature is the new TR-REC recording mode in the pattern sequencer. This means that you can now enter patterns using TR-X0X-style step recording and editing as an alternative to real-time recording. According to Roland, TR-REC supports entering multiple triggers on a single step (Substep), chromatic pitch entry, and velocity, all of which can also be motion-recorded into the sequence. You can use the new TR-REC mode alongside real-time recording, and switch between modes without stopping playback, so you can choose whichever mode is the best fit for any given situation.

However, TR-REC isn’t the only improvement to the pattern sequencer. There are also many workflow enhancements, like an added progress bar, twice the amount of undo steps, the ability to exit recording without stopping playback, and the implementation of MIDI program changes for selecting patterns.

New effects

The update also includes several new effect algorithms. The MFX engine has been expanded with new Cloud Delay, SX Delay, SX Reverse, and BackSpin effects. Moreover, there’s a new Harmony effect in the input FX section. Roland also states that you can now control effect parameters using MIDI CC messages, which opens up many creative possibilities with external controllers.

In DJ mode, you’re now able to play internal patterns alongside Channel 1/2. Patterns will sync to whichever channel is set to M. Other improvements to DJ mode include a new Quick Loop/Roll feature and an added crossfader.

Furthermore, Roland has improved the VariPhrase algorithm for pitch and speed changes. The manufacturer says that the new Backing and Ensemble modes minimize the degradation of the sound quality for instruments with a distinct attack, or for sustained instruments, respectively.

To sum up, the 2.0 update brings many new and exciting features and workflow improvements to the Roland SP-404 MKII.


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