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Razer launches Viper V3 Pro gaming mouse with lighter build

Razer always seems to be coming out with new peripherals, updating its most popular accessories with new features or improved designs, and its latest is the new Viper V3 Pro mouse.

Positioned as the premiere mouse option for esports pros, the Viper V3 Pro boasts a more lightweight build for those faster flicks across the mat. Razer has also brought over the Viper redesign that was introduced with the Viper V3 HyperSpeed. While the older Viper design from the V2 series was perfectly fine, these new design implementations should allow for more precise control and an overall more comfortable fit in your hands.

It comes with flatter sidewalls to account for a wider range of grip styles. Not everyone grips their gaming mouse the same way. Some prefer a claw grip. Others like gripping their mouse with their palm. You also have to factor in different hand sizes. In addition to the flatter sidewalls, Razer also introduced more pronounced finger grooves so your fingers grip the left and right mouse click better. There’s also now a ring finger ledge to prevent the mouse from pinching your finger. This was apparently an issue with the old design. On the underside of the mouse, there are now larger feet which helps the mouse to glide more smoothly. Razer says that “60% of pros prefer this.”

These design changes set the tone for a more refined gaming mouse to use in heated game matches. It also has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

Razer’s Viper V3 Pro can match the DPI levels of your current mouse

Razer Viper V3 Pro (2)

One thing that you’ll find on just about all gaming mice these days is the ability to adjust the DPI level to a very high setting. DPI is the sensitivity of your mouse. And at higher DPI levels the mouse cursor can move farther with small movements. The lower you set it, the more you end up having to move the mouse to get the cursor to move the same distance.

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Finding the right DPI level for your own preferences can take a little trial and error. But once you find that sweet spot, you likely never want to move away from it. The problem is that if you ever move to a new mouse, the DPI can feel different. Maybe just a little off. Razer seems to have figured out a solution by adding a DPI matcher to the Viper V3 Pro. Basically, it can match the DPI of your current mouse by importing the DPI settings, which Razer says is done “precisely.” The Viper V3 Pro also now lets you adjust the DPI in single-step increments for extreme precision.

You’ll also likely want to spend some time figuring out what DPI level you like here. As the Viper V3 Pro features a jaw-dropping sensitivity of 35,000.

Razer offers the mouse in Black and White

Razer officially launched the Viper V3 Pro this week, and it comes in both Black and White color options. You can pick it up from Razer directly, or from retailers like Best Buy. It is a bit spendy though, coming in at $160. So be prepared to drop a chunk of change if you plan to snag this for your own gaming setup.

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