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Promptalot Midjourney 5 Chrome extension receives new features

If you have been using Midjourney for some time I would like to be able to quickly reference your prompts and pull up favorites that have been used previously you might be interested in a useful AI tool created by Christian Heidorn at Tokenized AI call Promptalot.

The Midjourney extension for Chrome web browsers, is an AI tool designed to streamline the process of copying Midjourney prompts within Discord, has recently undergone a significant update. This update introduces a host of new features and improvements, enhancing the user experience and expanding the extension’s capabilities. Watch the overview video below to learn more about the new enhancements, tweaks and features added in the latest update.

Promptalot has been designed to simplify the process of copying prompts within Discord. The extension eliminates the need for constant copying and pasting of parts of a previous prompt, a feature that has been highly requested by users. With a simple click of a button, users can copy a prompt or the data of the prompt into a special Promptalot format. This format not only contains the prompt but also the image URL, making it easy to add the prompt to the Promptalot website.

Promptalot Midjourney extension

The recent update has introduced several changes to the layout of the extension. Buttons that were previously located in the ‘better’ section have been moved to the primary upper section of the toolbar. This includes the ‘envelope’ button, which reacts to the job or prompt with an envelope icon, instructing the Midjourney bot to send all additional details for the prompt.

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Another new feature is the ‘upscale all’ button, which upscales all four images within an image grid. However, users are advised to use this feature sparingly to avoid creating artificial server load. To reduce the risk of accidental deletion, a ‘danger zone’ section has been added before the delete button.

Redesigned user interface

The update has also seen changes to the image-related buttons, which have been moved to the lower section of the toolbar. A new feature has been added to the download button, which turns green and adds a green check mark to the image when it is downloaded. This helps users keep track of which images have been downloaded.

The Midjourney stats indicators have been moved to the right of the extension, and a new ‘cog wheel’ button has been added. This button opens up a control panel and settings, providing users with more control over the extension’s functionalities.

In addition to these updates, Promptalot has introduced a paid Pro subscription. This subscription offers additional features such as a choice of toolbar styles and color schemes, and the ability to hide the toolbar. The Pro subscription costs $48 per year and includes access to unlimited prompts and private prompts within the Promptalot repository.

The recent updates to the Promptalot extension for Chrome web browsers have significantly enhanced its functionality and user experience. With the introduction of new features and a paid Pro subscription, the extension continues to evolve, providing users with a more streamlined and efficient way to copy Midjourney prompts within Discord.

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