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Porsche Macan EV to be unveiled 25th January

The new Porsche Macan EV is coming next week, Porsche will launch their latest electric vehicle at a press event on the 25th of January. We previously saw a video of a prototype version of the car in action, during recent testing.

The electric motors in the new Macan draw their energy from a lithium-ion battery in the underbody, with a gross capacity of 100 kWh, of which up to 95 kWh can be actively used. The 800-volt architecture of the PPE in the new Macan enables high-performance fast charging, which is being tested worldwide as part of the development process.

“There are different charging standards in our main markets. A major focus of the testing has therefore been on checking these different framework conditions in the different locations with our prototypes and adapting the technology accordingly where necessary. Charging simply has to work, wherever and whenever,” says Kerner. The DC charging capacity for the new Macan at 800-volt charging stations is up to 270 kW. The charge level can be increased from 10 to 80 per cent in less than 22 minutes at 400-volt charging stations, a high-voltage switch in the battery enables bank charging by effectively splitting the 800-volt battery into two batteries, each with a rated voltage of 400 volts. This enables particularly efficient charging, without an additional HV booster, at up to 150 kW. AC charging is possible with up to 11 kW.

We are looking forward to finding out more details about the new Porsche Macan EV, we will have full details on the car when it is made official on the 25th of January 2024.

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Source Porsche, Autocar

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