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Petastream S20 Multi-Room Speaker: Elevate Your Home Audio Experience


Have you ever found yourself frustrated by the constant connection issues of Wi-Fi speakers? Or maybe tired of the never-ending cycle of app updates? We’ve uncovered the latest 2024 gadget, the Petastream S20 App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker, which addresses these concerns. Ditch the hassle of sign-ups and passwords; this speaker offers straightforward Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to link up to five speakers simultaneously for unmatched sound quality.

The S20 integrates with a SKAA-compatible protocol, ensuring high-quality, low-latency audio connections and flawless synchronization across speakers. This avoids common wireless interference and delays. The best part is that the S20 can connect seamlessly with SKAA-enabled devices, such as Soundboks speakers, offering smooth cross-brand compatibility. This broadens its appeal without restricting users to a single brand ecosystem.

Besides the features mentioned, Petastream innovatively transforms the S20 speaker into an intercom, capable of supporting conversations through three channels. This patented blend of speaker and intercom features is designed for seamless audio and communication in large areas or across multiple rooms.

The Petastream S20, an App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker, is listed at USD 249. Exclusive discounts on Indiegogo are now available, ranging from USD 161-199 per speaker through Super Early Bird specials for this incredible project. This is approximately equivalent to GBP 127.8-198.13 (actual amount subject to the exchange rate at the time of the Indiegogo campaign transaction), offering a substantial discount of UP TO 35% off the list price.

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Elevating Spaces with Petastream S20: innovative tech for entertainment & communication.

The Petastream S20 speaker, with its user-friendly tech, is ideal for parties, pleasing both hosts and guests. It offers an extensive wireless range—up to 180 m/590 ft outdoors and 20-30 meters (65-98 feet) indoors, with performance depending on the environment. Its straightforward interface allows guests to easily play their favorite songs without complex setups. Party attendees won’t need to join a ‘Family group’ to use the speakers; just a simple Bluetooth connection enables music playback throughout the house, adding to the convenience and party atmosphere.

For restaurant owners and food truck operators, the Petastream S20 Multi-room Speaker can elevate your business. Offering easy connectivity and an intercom feature, it keeps your customers entertained and informed as they await their meals. Say goodbye to shouting and missed orders; welcome great music and hassle-free communication instead. It enables seamless communication from the counter to the kitchen, significantly improving the dining experience.

Uncover the Features That Distinguish Petastream S20 Speaker

The S20 speaker delivers a smooth and seamless audio experience, not only by eliminating the need for complicated apps but also by featuring an intuitive one-touch panel that’s practical and user-friendly for people of all ages. This panel facilitates easy switching between transmitter and receiver modes, allowing access to all functions. With versatile connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.0, AUX-in, and compatibility with the SKAA audio transmission protocol, the S20 makes setting up your music network quick and effortless to get started.

Petastream S20


Equipped with two full-range drivers, the Petastream S20 features integrated dual 15W speakers that produce clear, balanced stereo sound with minimal distortion. Its audio EQ is finely tuned by professional audio experts, guaranteeing high-fidelity sound quality across all volume levels. With the ability to toggle between left, right, and stereo channels, the S20 lets you experience the clear and distinct sounds of different rhythms and vocals, creating an immersive experience.

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Petastream S20


The S20 streamlines the audio experience with easy setup and no network constraints, ensuring flexible placement. Just plug it into power, connect via Bluetooth with a button press, and link up to five speakers through the transmitter and the receiver mode to transform any area into a personal DJ booth, home theater, or enhance commercial venues. Forget the hassle and cost of multiple audio sources and professional setup—S20 offers the ease of single-click functionality from its physical buttons.

Petastream S20


The Petastream S20 redefines audio and communication in large spaces or multiple rooms. It features a unique, patented combination of audio and intercom technologies, facilitating seamless conversations. This innovation sets a new standard for integrating sound with communication, offering users a versatile and enriched audio experience.

Petastream S20

For a complete list of all available special pledges, stretch goals, extra media, and product specifications for the Petastream S20 App-free Wireless Multiroom Speaker, jump over to the official Petastream crowdfunding campaign page by checking out the link below.

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