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Personal Data Accessed By Hackers: 

NextGen Healthcare Data breach has become international news for making people aware and stay alert from the attacks done by hackers to avoid data breaches that is avoid the access of personal data from any type of unethical attacks. NextGen Healthcare admitted that the device was hacked and the personal data of more than one million patients were stolen by the hackers from the device.

NextGen Healthcare is mentioned as one of the best-known software that is known to provide the electronic medical record of the patients and the record is also maintained in the cloud storage which is transferred to the patient over phones.

It is popularly known as the US-based software that provides the health of the population in the United States and also financial management along with clinical solutions for medical and clinical practices. The company is known to provide electronic health record software for doctors and medical professionals along with the practice of management services.

NextGen Healthcare is the software that was used by private companies mainly in the healthcare industry and was mentioned to be launched in the year 1973 it has been known for the quality of services it provides for patients in the United States.

NextGen Healthcare data breach: About the Data breaching incident:

It was mentioned by the Nextgen Healthcare company that an irrelevant activity was identified on the systems and when an investigation was going on related to the suspicious activity, the matter that was disclosed was about the access of the personal data of the patients present on the system by an unauthorized party. It was mentioned by the company that the patient’s data were stored for providing the services needed by the patient.

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A wake-up call for healthcare organization members:

After the Nextgen Healthcare data breach, data breaches have become widespread attacks in the present world. The recent news related to the data breaches in the healthcare department is mentioned as a wake-up call for the chief information officers and make them aware of the preparation to avoid these cybersecurity threats to make sure that further there is no breaching of the data faced by any organizations causing any problem in the future.

Areas to be prioritized by healthcare leader:

It is advised for healthcare leaders to prioritize the following areas for ensuring an appropriate and effective response whenever there is any breach of the data to keep the data safe and secure for the patients mentioned mainly under the NextGen healthcare data breach. The areas that are included for immediate action are mentioned below:

  • Educate the Staff members: 

The employees working in the organization are considered as the weakest points that are useful in the cybersecurity chain. After the breaching of the data was encountered by the healthcare organizations, it was made sure that the companies’ staff members were educated about cybersecurity training along with keeping them updated.

The training that is mainly provided for the staff members includes the recognition of different types of attacks as well as management of the password and further making the members aware of the regular updation of the software. The members should be committed to the education related to cyber security making them protected from cyber attacks.

  • Response Planned for the Incident: 
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Data breaches can still occur even if there are several measures opted for the prevention of the data breaching act, hence the members must plan for the response they will provide when the data breaches occur. The response that is planned for data breaches will help the organization recover from the incident and solve the problem caused by to unauthorized exposure of the data which was seen in the Nextgen Healthcare data breach.

The plan that is discovered for the response to the incident leading to the recovery should be made clear to all the staff members along with the patients as well as regulators to eradicate the threat and recover easily from the problem caused due to data breaches.

  • The Partner Connected should be understood: 

The data breaches are not caused directly by any organization, hence speaking about the NextGen Healthcare Data Breach, the healthcare was not directly involved in the data breaches, it is mentioned that the businesses associated with the organization who are considered their partners are known for the cause of data breaches.

The organizations where millions of people are connected are found to use many numbers of software applications as well as are found to be connected to any number of businessmen, which is mentioned as a risk playing a significant role and are hence mentioned to understand all the partners with whom the organization is connected to avoid the cyber security attack.

  • Regular identification of the Potential: 

It is advised for the organization to regularly conduct the vulnerability test so that the weakness that is present in the system is identified and hence the weakness can be resolved. The use of penetration test should also be done in the system which is known for identifying the issues such as technical issues and setup mistakes as well as checking the flaws that are present in the system designs.

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The tests are mentioned as the health checkups for the organizations that are known for helping the organization to respond to the threats of the potential. Majorly this will be known as the most important area that is required to be prioritized a lot for knowing the weaknesses that might be present and might lead to problems further related to data exposure which are personal and popularized after the Nextgen Healthcare data breach.


At the end of the article, it can be concluded by saying that the Nextgen Healthcare data breach is taken as a warning for the healthcare organizations as well as chief information officers to keep the strategies that are required to avoid the threats in this digital era for avoiding the cyber security attacks. The security step taken will be able to protect the information related to the personal data of the patients and hence maintain the trust that they uphold hence avoiding future data breaches.

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