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Orange Pi Neo Linux handheld games console

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The world of handheld gaming is about to get more exciting with the arrival of the Orange Pi Neo. This new device, unveiled by the Manjaro Linux team, is not just another gaming console; it’s a full-fledged computer that fits in your hands. It runs on Manjaro Linux, a user-friendly operating system that could intrigue those who are looking for an alternative to the Windows systems that dominate the market.

At the heart of the Orange Pi Neo lies a powerful AMD Ryzen 7 7840U processor, which works in tandem with Radeon 780M integrated graphics. This ensures that games don’t just run; they come to life on the device’s 7-inch FHD+ display, which features a 120 Hz refresh rate for fluid motion. The gaming experience is further enhanced by the inclusion of Steam Deck-style touchpads and game controllers, which provide intuitive and comfortable control.

Linux handheld games console

The Orange Pi Neo is designed to handle demanding games and multitasking with ease, thanks to its generous memory capacity of up to 32GB of LPDDR5-7500. It also offers modern storage solutions with an M.2 2280 slot for PCIe NVMe SSDs, which means faster access to a large storage space for games and files. The device is well-equipped for connectivity, boasting dual USB4 Type-C ports, a microSD card reader, WiFi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.3, allowing for seamless connection to various devices and networks.

Orange Pi Neo games console design features

Gamers can enjoy extended playtime due to the 50 Wh battery, which comes with a 65W charger. The active cooling system, featuring a fan and dual copper heat pipes, keeps the device at the right temperature, even during intense gaming sessions. The built-in controllers are not just ordinary; they come with hall sensors, RGB backlit analog sticks, and motion sensors, making the gaming experience even more immersive.

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The versatility of the Orange Pi Neo is one of its standout features, with its Linux-based Manjaro operating system. This could offer a more streamlined and customizable experience for those who prefer Linux. However, the device is also expected to support other operating systems, which could attract a wider audience. The anticipation for the Orange Pi Neo is building, although details about its pricing and availability are still to be announced. The gaming community is eager to see how this device will perform in real-world scenarios.

Orange Pi Neo integrated controls

There’s also talk of Manjaro developing a more affordable handheld gaming PC that might feature a Rockchip R3588S ARM-based processor, though details are scarce at the current time. This suggests that Orange Pi is looking to serve different gamer needs and budgets. The Orange Pi Neo is shaping up to be a strong contender in the handheld gaming market. With its powerful hardware, Linux-based flexibility, and design that focuses on gamers, it’s a device that’s worth watching for anyone interested in the evolution of portable gaming. For more information and full specifications jump over to the official Manjaro Neo product page.

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