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NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard pre-orders start from $130

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If you have been patiently waiting to get your hands on the highly anticipated new second-generation NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard. You will be pleased to know that you can now place preorders choosing from a selection of low profile switches, keycaps and accessories, with prices starting from $129.95.

With its enhanced aesthetics, improved wireless connectivity and portability, the Air96 V2 is a testament to the evolution of keyboard design. This article will explore the key features of the Air96 V2, including its design, wireless performance, firmware, system compatibility, keycaps, sound, and NuPhy switches.

NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard

The design of the NuPhy Air96 V2 is a blend of minimalism and functionality. The keyboard showcases a larger numpad and foldable feet, reflecting a 20% increase in length from its predecessor. The aesthetic appeal is further accentuated by a new color choice of Basalt Black, and a redesigned bottom case with a more transparent and finer texture.

The internal components of the keyboard are color-coordinated with the keyboard’s theme, and the light bars glasses are plated with thin layers of metal for durability. This design not only enhances the keyboard’s aesthetic appeal but also its portability, making it suitable for use on a desktop, laptop, or even on a mountain top.

NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard

The NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard is equipped with a 1000Hz 2.4G chip for faster wireless and gaming experiences. The keyboard supports 4 devices simultaneously, offering improved latency performance suitable for professional gaming and low latency applications. This is achieved through the use of Nordic’s NRF52810 SoC with STM32F072 MCU’s high performance, which minimizes total trip delay.

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One of the significant features of the Air96 V2 is its firmware. The keyboard will be shipped with QMK/VIA firmware, enabling users to enjoy endless key remapping and light customization. This opens up a world of creative possibilities for users, allowing them to customize the keyboard to their preferences.

The Air96 V2 also boasts improved operating system and laptop compatibility. It has a dedicated Win/Mac mode switch fully integrated with VIA’s layers for more customization options. Additionally, it supports new MacOS shortcuts, making it a versatile choice for both Windows and Mac users.

Ooo.. typing sounds 🙂

The keyboard features thin double-shot PBT keycaps, offering vibrant colors and durable legends. Users also have an extensive selection of double-shot themed keycaps for customization. To enhance sound quality and durability, the Air96 V2 also offers Dye-sub keycaps.

Sound concentration and purity are critical aspects of a gaming keyboard, and the Air96 V2 doesn’t disappoint. The keyboard has made significant improvements in this area, using an extra layer of PET sound pad between the poron foam and the switch pad. The attention to sound details extends to tuning the spacebar in harmony with the rest of the keys, creating a pleasing auditory experience for users.

Finally, the NuPhy Air96 V2 QMK keyboard features an improved lineup of low-profile switches. These include an early bump tactile switch for low profile keyboards, and shortened pre-travel. The switches are characterized by ultra-long travel, high-precision mold, and pre-lubing, making them an excellent choice for gaming and typing.

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