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New Xbox safety measures for kids

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Microsoft today released new outlines for the Safety measures for xbox for kids. Microsoft plans to conduct extensive testing over the coming months to explore new ways to verify age and gather valuable feedback from customers.

The goal of these experiments is to enhance existing player identification systems. To achieve this, Microsoft aims to leverage the insights of companies from various industries. By incorporating these ideas, Microsoft aims to develop a principled approach toward creating secure digital identities that emphasize data security, limit data collection, and make it easier for players to understand data usage.

In order to prioritize gamers’ needs, Microsoft has committed to giving them complete control over their online experiences and digital identities. In addition, enabling parents and caregivers to exercise appropriate oversight over the gaming experience of children and families.

Xbox safety measures for kids

To support this, they offer tools like the Xbox Family Settings app and Kids Accounts, which cater specifically to underage gamers. Through these tools, parents and caregivers can manage various settings, privacy options, spending limits, and more. Microsoft explains more about the new Xbox safety measures for kids

We frequently iterate our safety procedures, in collaboration with and with feedback from the community, regulators, and partners. We recently entered into a settlement with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to update our account creation process and resolve a data retention issue on our system. Unfortunately, we did not meet expectations. customers and we are committed to complying with the order to continue improving our safety measures. We believe we can and should do more, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to the safety, privacy and security of our community.”

“Our two decades of safety experience has taught us that all gamers want and need safety and privacy protection. Since 2005, when we launched the first console that could connect players online, we have continued to invest in tools and technologies to protect our community. This work has evolved into strategy Multifaceted Safety Our suite of safety, privacy and security measures are designed to respect player privacy and safety, and empower players, as well as parents and caregivers, to be in control of their own gaming experiences.”

Source: Microsoft

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