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New Range Rover EV teased as waiting list opened (Video)

Land Rover has released a teaser image of their new Range Rover EV and also announced that they have opened a waiting list for their new electric vehicle. Land Rover has also revealed that prototypes of the new electric vehicle are now being tested.

As well as the teaser image above, Land Rover also released a new teaser video for the new Range Rover Electric which can be seen below, lets find out more details about the car.

With more patents anticipated to be filed for New Range Rover Electric than any other Range Rover before, prototypes are now being subjected to one of the most rigorous engineering sign-off programmes ever – to confirm capability spanning extreme temperatures, all conditions and every terrain – and of course wading through up to 850mm deep water1 

Engineers are on target to create the quietest and most refined Range Rover ever created; with a unique active road noise cancellation configuration and sound design, plus cabin comfort levels enabled by its electric underpinnings for serene modern luxury

Range Rover offers a first glimpse of the highly anticipated Range Rover Electric, which embodies breathtaking modernity through exemplary Range Rover design, with subtle cues hinting at its all-electric drive

It will be interesting to find out more information about the new Range Rover EV and see how the vehicle performs as an off-road vehicle, will it be able to compete with the petrol and diesel versions offroad? You can find out more details about the new Range Rover electric vehicle at the link below.

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