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New Midjourney 6 Turbo now available for AI artists

Last night Midjourney 6 Turbo was released dividing speed increases for users in the latest AI art generator. Midjourney 6 is a huge improvement over the previous version 5 AI art generator and the Midjourney development team is currently working on several new features for its AI art generator platform, with updates expected in the coming weeks.

How to use Midjourney 6 Turbo

  • Midjourney 6 Turbo mode jobs go 3.5X faster at 2x the cost (~10 second vs ~35 seconds)
  • These run on the fastest possible GPU machines (that’s why it’s both faster / more expensive)
  • It’s great for groups, public events, whenever you’re in a rush or have the ‘need for speed’
  • Type /turbo and all your /imagine jobs will go 3.5X faster (at 2X fast-minute gpu cost)
  • Turbo mode currently supports regular /imagine vary and remix jobs (but not sref yet)
  • Any jobs not supported as turbo jobs run as normal jobs (at regular cost)

New Midjourney 6 features under development :

The key enhancements and issues being addressed include:

  • Implementation of social features on the website, with a significant update anticipated in approximately two weeks.
  • Introduction of a “turbo mode” which promises to be three times faster, albeit at a higher cost.
  • Development of a “describe” feature, although deployment issues have been encountered.
  • Speed improvements to the default version 6 are planned for the future.
  • A character reference feature is in progress, allowing users to focus on different aspects of a character, such as hair and clothing or just the face, but initially limited to one character at a time.
  • Style reference updates are forthcoming, including a style randomizer and a style explorer tool.
  • Server optimization efforts are ongoing to address recent issues and high wait times, with the goal of reducing “relax mode” wait times once infrastructure changes are completed.
  • A security incident involving an attack on the website by a rival tech company, Stability AI, led to a database outage and the decision to ban all Stability AI employees from the service.
  • Continued training of version 7 video models and development of drawing interfaces, although color consistency may be delayed until after style exploration is complete.
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Let’s take a deeper dive into what we can expect from each starting with the social aspect. In just a couple of weeks, you’ll notice a significant change in how you can connect with others on Midjourney. The platform is introducing social features that will make your interactions more dynamic. This means you’ll be able to build a stronger community and share your experiences in ways that were not possible before.

Now, if speed is what you’re after, you’re in for a treat. Midjourney is launching a “turbo mode” that’s set to drastically increase processing speed. Imagine getting things done three times faster than before! Keep in mind, though, that this extra speed comes with a price tag.

Drawing Performance Increase

For those of you who love to tell stories or create content, the upcoming “describe” feature will be a game-changer. It’s designed to let you craft detailed descriptions of characters, adding depth and richness to your narratives. While there have been some hiccups in getting this feature ready, once it’s up and running, it will open up new avenues for creativity. Even if you don’t opt for “turbo mode,” you’ll still benefit from speed improvements. The standard version 6 of Midjourney is being fine-tuned to ensure that everyone enjoys a responsive and seamless experience.

Character Design

Character design is also getting a boost. A new feature will allow you to focus on specific traits, like hairstyles or clothing, for your characters. Initially, this will be limited to one character at a time, but it’s a big step forward in customization. For those who like to experiment with styles, Midjourney has something in store for you too. A style randomizer and a style explorer tool are on their way, giving you the freedom to play with different aesthetics and find the perfect look for your projects.

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Server Optimizations and Security

Behind the scenes, the Midjourney team is working hard on server optimization. They’re tackling the wait times, especially for “relax mode,” to ensure that your experience is as smooth as possible. This involves upgrading the infrastructure to handle the demands of a growing user base. Security is a top concern for Midjourney, especially after a recent breach by a competitor, Stability AI. The platform has responded by banning all Stability AI employees to protect your data and maintain the integrity of the service.

Midjourney 7

Looking to the future, the Midjourney team is training new video models and drawing interfaces, which will further enhance your creative capabilities most likely in Midjourney 7. They’re also listening to your feedback, which means some updates, like improving color consistency, might be delayed in favor of more pressing enhancements. Midjourney is even considering ways to integrate with other chatbots and is thinking about publishing an annual magazine. This publication would compile all the updates from the year, giving you a detailed overview of the platform’s evolution and a handy reference to look back on.

So, get ready for a Midjourney that’s more connected, faster, and more creative than ever before. These updates are designed with your needs in mind, ensuring that your experience on the platform continues to grow and improve. Keep an eye out for these changes, as they’re sure to make your digital journey even more enjoyable.

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