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New Lexus LBX launchinfg 21st September

The new Lexus LBX will be launching in the UK on the 21st of September, we saw the car back in July and now the new car is coming to the UK, and Lexus have transformed a London car park for the launch of the car.

The launch of their new Lexus LBX is being celebrated with a multi-sensory interactive light installation at the Extraordinary Car Park in Soho will be open to the public from 21 – 24 September.

From September 21 to 24 at QPark, 51 Poland Street, W1F 7ND, London, Lexus is hosting a sensational art experience, filled with eye-catching lights in a warming colour palette in line with Lexus’ brand world. This design-led event showcases how style is a central concept to the LBX – Lexus’ smallest vehicle yet – with its condensed beauty and vibrant shapes from every angle.

Whilst appearing like an everyday car park, guests will be transported through the theatrical facade into an LBX-inspired space beyond. Travelling through the event as a vehicle would through a car park. The LBX is positioned as the energetic heart of the experience, demonstrating how the new model makes the ‘Everyday Extraordinary’.

Guests will move through LED archways and canopies of lights as they explore the event space, providing the perfect content opportunities for social media enthusiasts. From fields of undulating light bulbs triggered by voice activation, to heart rate monitors influencing a display of LED batons, the Extraordinary Car Park is a truly immersive art experience.

You can find out more information about the new Lexus LBX over at Lexus at the link below, we are looking forward to finding out more details about the launch of the car in the UK and how much it will cost.

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