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New Intel Edge platform unveiled for scaling AI applications

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Intel has recently unveiled an advanced Edge AI Platform that is set to transform the way artificial intelligence (AI) applications are deployed and managed. This new platform is designed to make operations simpler and more cost-effective, similar to the services provided by cloud computing, but it operates at the edge of the network. The introduction of this platform is a significant milestone in the journey of digital transformation.

In the fast-paced world of digital technology, AI has become a critical component. Intel’s new Edge Platform is specifically designed to accelerate this technological evolution, with a focus on AI applications that are situated at the network’s edge. By processing data closer to where it is generated, the platform allows for immediate decision-making, which is crucial for applications that require quick responses.

New Intel Edge platform

Edge computing faces unique challenges, including maintaining high performance, meeting diverse requirements, securing data, and managing complex systems. Intel’s platform addresses these challenges by providing low-latency, advanced AI analytics that enable faster and smarter decision-making in a variety of settings, such as industrial automation and smart city projects.

“The edge is the next frontier of digital transformation, being further fueled by AI. We are building on our strong customer base in the market and consolidating our years of software initiatives to the next level in delivering a complete edge-native platform, which is needed to enable infrastructure, applications and efficient AI deployments at scale. Our modular platform is exactly that, driving optimal edge infrastructure performance and streamlining application management for enterprises, giving them both improved competitiveness and improved total cost of ownership.” –Pallavi Mahajan, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Network and Edge Group Software

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The platform is built with an open, modular architecture that allows for easy integration with existing systems. It includes the OpenVINO AI inference engine, which is designed to optimize AI workloads on Intel hardware. The platform also focuses on secure automation to simplify tasks for both IT and operational technology teams.

AI applications

One of the key features of Intel’s platform is a centralized dashboard that allows for the management of edge nodes and devices. This centralization streamlines control, enhances security, and simplifies the deployment and maintenance of edge infrastructure. To enhance operations, the platform utilizes closed-loop automation, which improves performance and reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO). This type of automation streamlines routine tasks, enabling organizations to focus their resources on strategic business goals.

Security is a top priority in today’s digital environment, and Intel’s Edge Platform is designed with this in mind. It combines deep hardware expertise with zero-trust security principles to protect data and applications. The platform also includes tools for orchestrating applications and developing AI models, ensuring that they perform optimally on Intel’s architecture.

Intel’s Edge Platform is not just a technological breakthrough; it offers a strategic advantage for organizations looking to scale their AI applications. With its focus on operational simplicity, adaptability for various use cases, and robust security, the platform is poised to become a key component of edge computing. As companies navigate the complexities of digital transformation, Intel’s Edge Platform provides a valuable tool for moving forward in an AI-driven world. For more information jump over to the official Intel newsroom.

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