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New Google Password Manager features

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Google today beefed up its password manager by rolling out five new features to make it more secure and enhance usability making it easier to use. New features include a dedicated space and shortcut on Chrome desktops, more authentication methods for desktop users, and the ability to save notes about your accounts and import login details from other password managers if needed.

Finally, Google has added a cool feature that allows users to find weak and reused passwords on the Apple iOS platform. Makes it easy to ensure that all of your logins on your Apple devices are as good as possible to help protect your important files and services. Password Checkup on iOS will identify weak and reused passwords and will be rolling out to iPhones, iPads, and Apple devices in the coming months.

Google Password Manager now has a dedicated home in Chrome on your desktop, making it easy to review all your saved online credentials or change your password settings. Check it out by clicking Password Manager in the Chrome menu or Password Manager When Chrome prompts you to autofill a saved password.

For faster access, you can now create a desktop shortcut for Google Password Manager as well. Previously only available on mobile, biometric authentication will soon be available on desktop. If you enable this feature, you can require an additional layer of security before Chrome autofills your password, such as fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, or other methods supported by your computer’s operating system. “

Google password manager

If you’d like to give Google Password Manager a try or are ready to make the switch, it’s now easy to upload your passwords from other password managers. Just export your passwords as a .csv file and import them directly into Chrome on your PC. Have a Multiple logins for one site?

Need to remember the PIN associated with your password? You can now add notes to the credentials you save in Google Password Manager so that all your important login details are in one place. On your computer, click the key icon when you log into a website to easily review the notes you’ve saved for each account.

Signing in to websites and viewing passwords is also easier with Google Password Manager on iOS. When you go to the sign-in page in Chrome, you’ll see a larger, more clickable prompt to autofill your passwords. And when you review your saved credentials In Chrome, multiple accounts saved for one website will be conveniently grouped together.

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