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New Fiat 600 Hybrid Launched for £23,965 On The Road

Fiat has revealed the pricing and also started taking orders new Fiat 600 Hybrid and the car starts at £23,965. There are two models in the range the 600 Hybrid for £23,695 and the 600 Hybrid La Prima which costs £26,965.

The car will come in different color options for each vehicle, this includes Red, White, Black, +Sea, Earth, Sky, and Sun of Italy for the 600 Hybrid models and Sea, Earth, Sky, Sun of Italy for the 600 Hyrbid La Prima models.

The launch of the highly anticipated Fiat 600 Hybrid, which will be offered alongside the recently launched, fully electric Fiat 600e, marks a significant milestone and is designed to meet modern drivers’ demands while prioritizing sustainability and performance.

Built on the advanced CMP2 platform, the Fiat 600 Hybrid integrates cutting-edge technology derived from the acclaimed 600e series. With a robust 100 horsepower 48V Hybrid application and a seamless 6-speed automatic gearbox, this groundbreaking powertrain ensures a dynamic driving experience while prioritizing environmental responsibility. Thanks to the innovative integration of an electric motor within the gearbox, the 600 Hybrid boasts full electric capabilities, allowing for effortless detachment of the engine from the transmission.

You can find out more details about the two new models in the new Fiat 600 Hybrid range over at the Fiat website at the link below, the new models are now available to order.

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