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New ChatGPT mentions lets you combine multiple custom GPTs

OpenAI has recently introduced an exciting update for ChatGPT subscribers that is poised to significantly improve the way they work with artificial intelligence and specifically OpenAI’s custom GPT Store and AI models. This update allows users to interact with multiple GPT models at once during a single chat session by simply calling them again, once you’ve use them once by typing the @ symbol  into your chat. This means that users can now access a variety of GPTs they have previously used, all in one place, without having to switch between different sessions or platforms.

For those who rely on AI for their projects, this development is a big step forward. It promises to make it much easier to manage various tasks, such as creating images with DALL-E, summarizing research papers, or converting content into different formats like PDFs or PowerPoint presentations. Users can now generate images, turn them into different file types, and even create presentations with integrated narratives, all within the same chat environment. This integration is designed to make project management more efficient and productive.

Combine custom GPTs into a single conversation

To take advantage of a specific GPT’s capabilities, users must have had a prior interaction with it. This ensures that the AI tools are tailored to the user’s individual needs and preferences, which helps optimize performance for the tasks at hand. It’s a personalized approach that aims to deliver a more efficient experience.

While this feature is a significant advancement, it’s important to acknowledge that there may be some initial limitations and errors. As with any new technology, some imperfections are to be expected at the outset. OpenAI is aware of this and is committed to making continuous improvements. The goal is to achieve better integration and a smoother user experience over time.

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ChatGPT mentions

ChatGPT Mentions  has been recently rolled out by OpenAI enhance user interaction with its ChatGPT AI model by enabling the integration of multiple custom GPTs within a single chat session. ChatGPT Mentions is currently in beta and exclusive to certain paid users.

The core functionality of GPT Mentions lies in its ability to allow users to “@ mention” different GPT models directly within their text prompts. This mechanism is akin to calling upon a specific expert to handle a particular aspect of a conversation or task. It opens up a realm of possibilities for specialized behavior, from workflow automation to managing complex, routine tasks using AI, all within the flow of a single conversation.

Initially, GPT Mentions is available only to users with a paid subscription, such as ChatGPT Plus, Teams, or Enterprise accounts. This exclusivity underscores the feature’s potential to cater to professional and advanced personal use cases, where the integration of specialized GPT models can significantly enhance productivity and interaction quality.

How to Use ChatGPT Mentions

  1. Accessing GPT Mentions: Begin by typing “@” in the chat prompt window of ChatGPT. This action triggers the interface to display a list of available GPTs. The list ranges from recently used and pinned GPTs to an option for creating a new custom GPT.
  2. Selecting a GPT: Browse through the list or use the search function to find the specific GPT you wish to engage. Once identified, click on the GPT’s name to select it. This selection is confirmed by a notification such as “Talking to [name of GPT]” appearing above the chat window.
  3. Engaging with the GPT: After selection, you can proceed to type your prompt as you normally would. The specified GPT will now respond to your prompt, utilizing its unique capabilities or specialized knowledge base. This process can be repeated with different GPTs within the same conversation, allowing for a dynamic and multi-faceted interaction.
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Considerations and Limitations

  • Availability: As of the initial rollout, the feature is not accessible to all users. Its availability is limited to those with certain paid subscriptions, with plans for broader access following an official announcement.
  • Account Requirements: Usage of custom GPTs through GPT Mentions requires a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, Teams, or Enterprise accounts.
  • Customization and Integration: The feature’s potential for customization and integration with external software positions ChatGPT as a highly versatile tool for both personal and professional applications.

OpenAI encourages ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise members to try out this new feature and share their feedback. User input is vital for refining the technology and guiding its future direction. As a member, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of AI interaction and play a role in the development of these tools.

The introduction of multi-GPT interaction is a significant milestone for ChatGPT Plus users. It’s designed to simplify complex tasks and open up new possibilities for creativity and productivity. OpenAI is dedicated to enhancing this feature and expanding its capabilities. Users are invited to explore the new potential that multi-GPT interactions offer and to take part in the next level of digital communication.

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