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New Audi EV Charging Hub opened in Frankfurt

Audi has opened a new EV charging Hub in Frankfurt, this is the sixth EV charging hub in Frankfurt and it comes with fast charging of up to 320 kW, and it uses four high-power-charging (HPC) stations.

“In the Frankfurt metropolitan area, we’ve got a high density of electrically powered vehicles. At the same time, the supply of charging points is constantly increasing. The charging hub is not only a welcome additional charging opportunity, but it also gives users the option to spend the waiting time at the adjacent Klassikstadt building,” says Frankfurt City Councillor Stephanie Wüst, Head of Department for Economic Affairs, Law, and City Marketing. Rapid charging in and around city centers is particularly important for drivers who cannot charge their cars at home or at work, Wüst notes.

Audi EV Charging Hub

Audi is investing in downtown charging. “In Frankfurt, we’re expecting about 5,000 charging operations per year,” says Nikolai Senst, who is responsible for managing the rollout of Audi charging hubs. “We anticipate there will be a similarly high rate of return customers as at the other locations.” In Nuremberg, where Audi has been operating an Audi charging hub with six charging points and a 200-square-meter lounge upstairs since December 2021, the return rate is approximately 70 percent. The hub is available to drivers of all brands of car. Audi customers can book a charging slot online via the myAudi app.

You can find out more information about the new Audi EV Charging Hub in Frankfurt over at the Audi website at the link below.

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