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Mystic Realms: Legends Unleashed

You have certainly already heard about the volatility rate of a slot machine. This is a very important concept to know if you play at an online casino.

This is data provided by game publishers which expresses the winning frequency of a given slot machine. Volatility can be low, medium or high and allows you to select a game according to your playing style and strategy. Many experienced players use this data to choose their next machine! As you have probably understood, the volatility can be different on each of the slots that exist. Thanks to it you will concretely know the frequency of winnings and also the importance of them. For example, a machine may sometimes offer infrequent but high wins, or frequent but low wins.

The 3 Volatility Rates of a Business Machine

The different free slot machines are categorized into three different volatility rates. It is important to know what they mean to understand the principle and make the right choices in the future.

High Volatility

Clearly, it is players looking for adrenaline and adventure who use high volatility slot machines. On these, it is much rarer to win, but when you do, the amounts are much greater! It is really advisable to have a strong heart to get close to this type of volatility, because you can have a series of losing games before hitting a jackpot. By not giving up, high volatility machines can really be worth it.

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Many high volatility slots can be found directly at National casino or a casino where you are registered. In our opinion, these three titles are the biggest hits of the moment!

Average Volatility

Medium volatility slot machines are the most common in the gaming world. Most providers choose to offer drawing algorithms with medium volatility to suit the greatest number of players. Indeed, with these slots, you can stay in the game long enough to have fun and be entertained. The gains can be minimal, or even high. In any case, they will be much more frequent than when it comes to high volatility. This type of game is recommended for those who are there to have a good time! You can find what you are looking for in many online casinos! If you wish, most casinos even offer to test these medium volatility slot machines for free.

Low Volatility

Many other slots have low volatility. It is also a fairly interesting type of game, since it allows you to play very long games. Gains are very common, but often small. This is clearly the ideal volatility to end your wager or your bonus wagering requirements! Players who have patience and are not blinded by the lure of big wins can move towards low volatility, which offers an enjoyable gaming experience

Players who like to have fun on low volatility slot machines are spoiled for choice! Many online casinos even offer the chance to filter games for volatility. Very useful for discovering them.

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How to identify the volatility rate of a slot machine?

Have you ever wondered how it is possible to know the volatility rate of a slot machine? Rest assured, it’s very simple and only takes a click or two depending on the casino you have chosen. Several options are available to you:

  • Directly from the casino: some platforms communicate the volatility rate as well as the RTP in the information of the game in question;
  • On the internet: by doing a simple search on the slot machine in question, you can easily find the volatility associated with it;
  • Depending on the coins: some publishers do not communicate on the volatility rate. If the winnings can be more than 10,000 coins, this is generally high volatility. Those below 5,000 coins are low volatility and in between it is medium volatility.

The information is usually just a few clicks away and is not really difficult to obtain. You now have all the cards in hand to know, for example, whether Book of Dead is low, medium or high volatility!

How Does the Volatility Rate Influence Your Earnings?

The volatility rate directly influences the winnings of your slot machine games. This is precisely what represents the whole point of knowing this data before playing! As with all slot machines, an RNG random drawing algorithm allows the reels to be rotated randomly and without any tricks. However, developers can adjust the chance of winning and the probability of landing on a small or large sum, thanks in particular to volatility! You have certainly noticed that some of your slot machine games always result in small winnings and last a very long time. In this case, it is the influence of the low volatility rate. If on another machine you spent hours without winning, then you hit the jackpot, it must be the influence of high volatility. As you have understood, you can know this rate in advance, but also guess it for yourself, as it influences the functioning of a slot machine.

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