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More Details on the New Toyota GR Yaris

The new Toyota GR Yaris was unveiled in January and now Toyota has revealed some more details about the car,  the car has recently been tested on snow and ice and we now have more details about the car’s performance.

The Toyota GR Yaris has long been celebrated as a beacon of performance and engineering, embodying the spirit and expertise of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s involvement in the World Rally Championship. The latest iteration of this high-performance hatchback brings a series of significant upgrades and refinements, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a compact, road-legal vehicle that’s equally at home on the track as it is on public roads. Here, we delve into the specifics of the new Toyota GR Yaris, highlighting the technological and design advancements that set it apart.

Toyota GR Yaris

At the heart of the new Toyota GR Yaris is an enhanced in-line three-cylinder 1.6-litre turbocharged engine, which now delivers an impressive 280 DIN hp (206 kW) and a peak torque of 390 Nm. This increase in power and torque ensures that the GR Yaris is more than capable of delivering exhilarating performance, whether it’s navigating tight corners on a rally stage or accelerating on the open road.

The development of the GR Yaris has been heavily influenced by the expertise and experience of the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, based in Finland – a country with a rich rallying heritage. This collaboration has ensured that the vehicle is not just fast, but also highly capable across various surfaces and conditions, embodying the true spirit of rally racing.

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A significant new feature of the GR Yaris is the introduction of an eight-speed GAZOO Racing Direct Automatic Transmission. This competition-standard transmission is designed for rapid shifting, allowing drivers to experience the thrill of quick, responsive gear changes, reminiscent of what professional rally drivers experience in competition.

Toyota GR Yaris

The interior of the GR Yaris has been meticulously redesigned to enhance the driving experience. The driver’s cockpit now features race car-style digital instrumentation, with key controls and data sources optimally located for easy access and visibility. This thoughtful design ensures that drivers can focus on the road ahead, with all necessary information at their fingertips.

The new GR Yaris boasts increased body rigidity and a strengthened suspension system, ensuring that it remains stable and responsive under high-performance driving conditions. Additionally, the full-time all-wheel drive system and new selectable drive modes allow drivers to tailor the vehicle’s performance to their preferences and the driving conditions, whether on the road or the track.

Toyota GR Yaris

In Europe, the GR Yaris is offered in a single “Circuit” specification version, which includes a powertrain cooling package as standard. Furthermore, Toyota has introduced exclusive Ogier and Rovanperä special editions, developed in collaboration with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing’s world champion drivers. These special editions offer unique features and tuning, reflecting the expertise and success of these renowned drivers.

GR Yaris

The new Toyota GR Yaris is a testament to Toyota’s commitment to high-performance vehicles that are capable of delivering exhilarating driving experiences across a wide range of conditions. With its rally-inspired design, advanced technology, and performance-oriented features, the GR Yaris is set to continue its legacy as a favorite among driving enthusiasts and rally fans alike. Whether it’s dominating on the rally stage or providing an exhilarating drive on public roads, the GR Yaris is engineered to excite.

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