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Mitsubishi Heavy Duty launches Eyebags Privilege promotional campaign via Youngster BKK – togetherbe

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Who says eyebags aren’t desirable? Thanks to Mitsubishi Heavy Duty and Youngster BKK, this notion is changing in Thailand.


In today’s fast-paced working life, we all strive to excel while battling the clock, often sacrificing quality sleep. The result? Eyebags, a clear sign of life’s challenges affecting our well-being.

Mitsubishi Heavy Duty, residential air conditioners, offers a diverse range of technologies to ensure everyone experiences quality sleep. Teaming up with Youngster BKK, they’ve launched a promotional campaign inspired by people’s health concerns.

Introducing the ‘EyeBags Privilege’ campaign, an initiative turning eyebags from undesirable to an exclusive privilege. Purchase a Mitsubishi Heavy Duty air conditioner and gain easier access to quality sleep. We’ve designed special eyewear that measure eyebags with three intensity levels.

The ‘EyeBags Privilege’ campaign truly understands people’s lives, making it easier for those who lack quality sleep to prioritize their health. If you’re struggling with sleep issues and eyebags is a sign, don’t rush to hide them. Instead, visit the Mitsubishi Heavy Duty booth at various expos nationwide in Thailand today to measure your eyebags and receive special privileges.

The more eyebags you have, the greater the privileges you receive.

Stay updated on event details on Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Thailand’s Facebook page.

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