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Meta to show off “Orion” AR glasses prototype at Connect 2024

Meta (previously Facebook) plans to debut a prototype of its long-awaited augmented reality (AR) glasses called “Orion” at the upcoming Connect 2024 conference. According to an enthusiast publication, the launch of Orion is part of Meta’s strategic shift towards AR/VR/MR wearables that have started gaining momentum in recent years.

Orion will bridge the gap between Meta Quest 3 and Meta Ray-Ban Glasses

Reports from Business Insider predict that Meta may exhibit the concept behind the Orion AR glasses during the Connect 2024 event taking place in August later this year. Be that as it may, there has been no realizable consumer version of AR glasses on the market for many years even though internal pressure is gradually mounting.

The Orion Glasses themselves may not reach consumers before 2027 after nine years of development; nonetheless, Meta has been open about its mixed reality moves with things like Project Aria. For those out of the loop, that was the only consumer attempt ever for a pair of AR glasses in the field test since 2020.

Connect 2024, an annual August event is the best possible location where Meta can reveal all its new creations. The company has been using this developers’ conference to unveil the latest technologies like last year’s announcement of the virtual reality headset Meta Quest 3.

Meta’s next AR glasses will take center stage at Connect 2024

While many virtual reality headsets and smart glasses have entered the market, there are few true AR offerings available. Among others in its portfolio are Meta Quest 3 and Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses. Orion wants to bridge the gap between VR and smart glasses through a small form factor that has heavy-duty computing.

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Meta will be releasing details about their AR Glasses Plan in Connect 2024, a highly anticipated tech world event that will also show us what direction they are taking with regards to augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology. The upcoming Connect conference will be held between August 27-29 and tech heads from around the world will gather there to marvel over some of the latest consumer inventions in AR/VR.

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