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Meta Quest 3 VR headset deep dive and hands on review

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset is now available to preorder and has been unveiled at this week’s Meta Connect 2023 technology event alongside other products and AI services created by the development team at Meta. Features of the new Quest 3 VR headset include a higher resolution display, stronger performance, breakthrough Meta Reality technology, and a slimmer, more comfortable headset.

The Quest 3’s Meta mixed reality technology allows users to seamlessly blend their physical world with the virtual one, creating experiences that go beyond today’s mixed reality. This technology intelligently understands and responds to objects in your physical space, allowing you to navigate that space in natural, intuitive ways that were nearly impossible before. High-fidelity color Passthrough, innovative machine learning, and spatial understanding let you interact with virtual content and the physical world simultaneously, creating limitless possibilities to explore.

Meta Quest 3 VR headset

The Quest 3 boasts a higher resolution eye displays and pancake optics, making content look better than ever. This is the first headset to feature a next-generation Snapdragon chipset developed in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies. This next-gen Snapdragon chipset delivers more than twice the graphical performance as the previous generation Snapdragon GPU in Quest 2, ensuring smoother performance and incredibly crisp details in immersive games.

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The Quest 3 is compatible with the Quest 2 catalog of over 500 VR games, apps, and experiences, and more exciting new VR and MR titles are lined up for launch. This means that Quest 3 will have the world’s best library of immersive experiences on day one.

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The Quest 3 is a sleeker, more comfortable headset, with a 40% slimmer optic profile compared to Quest 2. The Touch Plus controllers have been completely redesigned with a more streamlined and ergonomic form factor. Advances in tracking technology have allowed the outer tracking rings to be dropped, making the controllers feel like a more natural extension of your hands and take up less space. The controllers also include TruTouch haptics that first debuted in Touch Pro to help you feel the action like never before.

Shipping in October 2023

The Quest 3 pre-orders are live now, with shipping starting on October 10th. Two models will be available at launch: a 128GB model for $499 or £479, and a 512GB model for $649 or £619. Pre-orders of the Quest 3 will include a free copy of Asgard’s Wrath 2, and those who purchase the 512GB model will also receive a six-month subscription to Quest Plus.

The Quest 3 headset layout differs from the Quest 2, with options to customize the look with a blue or orange material head strap and facial interface kit. The headset features four inside-out tracking cameras, two 18 PPD RGB cameras for high-quality color pass-through, and a depth sensor for depth projection and automatic room mapping.

XR2 Gen 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor

The Quest 3 is the first headset to feature a new XR2 Gen 2 Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, paired with 8GB of RAM, providing twice the graphical power of the Quest 2. The headset also features new pancake lenses, providing great edge-to-edge clarity, and two LCD panels offering a resolution of 2064 by 2208 pixels per eye.

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Quest 3 design

Despite being slimmer than the Quest 2 due to the smaller optical stack, the Quest 3 is slightly heavier. However, the weight is closer to the face, making it comfortable to wear. The Quest 3 controllers are lighter than the Quest Pro controllers and feature improved haptic feedback motors. The tracking ring has been removed, with the infrared LEDs moved to the controller face.

The Quest 3 offers improved pass-through and mixed reality mode with new color cameras, providing a noticeable increase in quality over the Quest Pro’s pass-through. Meta showed a video of automatic room scanning and boundary setup, as well as spatially anchored objects called augments, which can be placed on walls and will remain in place each time the headset is put on.

The Meta Quest 3 VR headset is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, offering a higher resolution, stronger performance, and a more comfortable design. Its breakthrough Meta Reality technology and compatibility with a vast catalog of VR games, apps, and experiences make it a promising device for both VR enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

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